The 12BE6 is a heptode or pentagrid valve. The heptode is classically pins, is 47 mm tall. References: Datasheet &. Type 12BE6 was first introduced in 12BA6. 12BE6. Page 1. !! C. CE ELECTRONICS. 12BABE6. – DESCRIPTION AND RATING. BA6. 12BA6 Remote-Cutoff Pentode. The 12BA6 is a. electron Tube Data sheets – 1. 12BE6, General Electric, H, ( bytes). 12BE6, Brimar, H, ( bytes). 12BE6 photo, RCA (RC30).

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Collection of Patrice Zeissloff F. The first devices designed to change frequency in the manner described above adtasheet to have been developed by the French, who simply put two grids into what would otherwise have been an ordinary triode valve the bi-grille.

Quantity of Models at Radiomuseum. One triode operated in a conventional oscillator circuit. Instead of the 12SK7. The valve would have been very inefficient, but, most importantly, the capacitive coupling between the two grids 122be6 have been 21be6 large.

Introduced by Sylvania in and used mostly by Philcothis valve was the product of adding a suppressor grid to type 7B8which was the loctal version of type 6A7. Thanks for the datasheett of the measured voltages. This implies a sharper Datasjeet action at the expense of tolerating smaller maximum signals at a given distortion.

It is correlated with the characteristics of the General Electric data sheet that I overlooked. Thus the grid configuration was grid 1, signal input; grids 2 and 4 screen grids connected together – again, usually internally and grid 3 was the oscillator input.

The Philips EK3 octode was designated as a “beam octode”. Collection of Dataxheet Frosinn D. Some of this may be simply a result of improved detector efficiency, when running with a stronger signal. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Shortly after Armstrong invented the superheterodyne, a triode mixer stage design was developed that not only mixed the incoming signal with the local oscillator, but the same valve doubled as the oscillator.


Potentiometer digital Variable capacitor Varicap.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Further, they dictated that not more than one electrode structure could be contained in a single envelope which would have evaded the royalty – at least in part. One of their popular pentagrid converter designs was the MX40initially marketed in At least one reference claims that the bi-grille was self-oscillating, but this has not been confirmed.

In the case of the Hallicrafters, the cutting edge of this set was to be a very good short wave receiver at very low cost. For other types of frequency converters please, see Frequency mixer.

Grid 4 accepted the incoming signal with the remaining two grids, 3 and 5 connected together usually internally which acted as screen grids to screen the anode, grid 4 and grid 2 from each other. Thanks datwsheet the reference to the 12SG7 pentode.

12BA7 to 12BE6 or 12SA7

This is nearly a factor of 4 improvement in output signal. Collection of Niclas Pettersson S. The 7pin plug for the 12BABE6 socket adapter is hard to find. This was often accomplished by using a Hartley Oscillator circuit and taking the cathode to the tap on the coil. They are pins 3 and 5 that in some sets are short circuited.

It resulted simply from the addition of an extra screen grid to the UK version of the pentagrid heptode. The surprise is that this radio has a mA series heater string, but the 6SB7Y at it’s front end requires 6.

12BE6, Tube 12BE6; Röhre 12BE6 ID, Pentagrid-Converter (

Collection of Massimo Pedrina I. The AVC compression is tighter with the 12SG7, and the low signal gain is twice, as promised by the higher transconductance. For the 12SK7 is umhos at the same conditions. It 12bw6 that the gm advantage of the 12SG7 over the 12SK7 is valid only at the lowest control grid bias level.

The invention of the tetrode demonstrated the idea of screening electrodes from each other by fatasheet additional earthed grounded grids at least, as far as the signal was concerned.

Pentagrid converter

The difference in performance between the two tubes was not as obvious as it was with 12BA7 vs 12SA7 pentagrid mixers mentioned above, despite a two-to-one ratio in transconductances in the pentodes. Collection of Tor Steinnes N. It would 12ne6 been interesting to superimpose the transconductance curves for the various pentodes. Thus a pentagrid radio could easily be converted to a triode-hexode without any other circuit modifications.


I tried it in a Emerson with very good success. Collection of Martin Steyer D. This was done in such a way that Philips claimed that the oscillator electron beam and the mixer electron beams were separated as much as possible and thus the pulling effect was minimised.

Replaced by 12BE6A, characterized by controlled warm-up time, for series string heater operation. The pentagrid was part of a line of development of valves that were able to take an incoming RF signal and change its frequency to a fixed intermediate frequencywhich was then amplified and detected in the remainder of the receiver circuitry.

This scheme works so well that a 68R resistor was wired in parallel with the 6SB7Y heater to shunt away some 90mA of excess current. In the UK, the Postmaster General who was responsible for radio licensinglaid down a set of stringent rules concerning radio interference. The American version was also a little more sensitive because the grid that accepted the signal was closer to the cathode increasing the amplification factor. List of vacuum tubes.

Haines of RCA applied for a patent for the pentagrid on 28 March subsequently granted on 29 March under US patent number 2, Datasheeg manufacturer’s information also notes that the valve’s high performance comes at a cost of a high heater current of mA — double that of more conventional types.

It was used on the Hallicrafters Echophone Collection of Dirk Sponholz D. Collection of Karlheinz Fischer D. In North America, the only octode manufactured was the 7A8.