View and Download Buell XB Series service manual online. XB Series Motorcycle pdf manual download. See a Buell service manual for proper torque values. Aftermarket . Typical Buell V.I.N.: Ulysses Models Ignition System: XB Models. ITEM. DATA. T+ .com/

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Remove two fasteners with captive washers and primary chain inspection cover with gasket from primary cover. Install the fork spring 12fork spring joint 11 and fork buell-firebolt-service-manuao collar 10 over the damper rod retrieval tool.

Insert IAT sensor into grommet on baseplate from under- sm side.

Buell XB Service Manuals and Specs – Buell Forum & Motorcycle Parts

Separating Crankcase Halves Figure Cut cable strap loosely securing BAS wiring harness to seat lock cable. Install number plates 1 to left and right Tighten the number plate screws 2 to ft-lbs tail sections using screws 2 and sleeves 3 and leave Nm. Once headlights are aligned, tighten fasteners to in-lbs Nm. Appendix A Connector Repair A Crimp terminal Figure A Discard used fluid according to local laws. The socket and pin housings of all other connectors are inter- changeable, that is, the black may be mated with the gray, since the alignment tabs are absent and the orientation of the external latch is the same.



Bank angle sensor 2. There are two threaded plastic lugs 14 on the trunk pan that are used for manufacturing purposes only.

Install caliper assembly on caliper mount. Long forcing screw the forcing screw, with the smaller diameter toward the 2. Remove left side buell-firebolt-service-manul scoop to access front cylinder spark plug.

HD in position as shown. Remove pin plug 5 and pad hanger metric to free brake pads.

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Check lifter roller end clearance. Install pad spring 7 and brake pads Cleaning and Inspection Figure Tighten all fender fasteners to in-lbs 4. Attach return line connections on the bottom and right side sm of the oil pump body.

Figure The buell-firebolt-sefvice-manual wire harness runs from the front of the motorcycle XB12Ss: Check turn signals for proper operation. Install seat lock retainer 3 by aligning retainer to retainer sm grooves on back side of seat lock 1. Mishandling drive belt will result in premature There is no drive belt adjustment required. Check brake fluid level and condition: Insert the stripped end wire core between the crimp tails at an up angle until the wire core touches the face of buellfirebolt-service-manual socket locator bar above the square opening.


Buell XB 2008 Series Service Manual

NOTE If, after the throttle cables have been adjusted, buell-firebklt-service-manual is not enough slack in the cables the throttle plate will not be responsive and cleanly snap back to the closed position. Inspect caliper and master cylinder seals and replace as When storing or removing the motorcycle for the season.

Install left switch housing. Air cleaner cover 3. Heel Guard Removal Figure B-3 Metri-Pack Connector Repair Whenever the main drive gear NOTE is removed, the main drive gear bearing must be replaced. Remove footpeg 10 and spring 9. Attach front brake line p-clamp to rear of right front module sm and tighten fastener to in-lbs 4. Remove return oil line 7. Locking wedge Figure A Charging system circuits are shown in Figure The rotor which mounts to the engine sprocket shaft.

Battery 30 amp 4. NOTE A single valve spring is used for each valve. If the inner race shows any of these signs the complete hub assembly must be replaced. Remove the oil filter adapter from the oil filter mount.