Study Flashcards On 2AX7X CDC Vol 1 & 2 Edit Code 5 at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the . [ report this test ]. 2AX7X CDC Pretest 2 of In no particular unit/volume order, a random test of all URE and Self Test questions from the 2AX7X CDC’s 2 of Free flashcards to help memorize facts about 7 LvL CDCs taken from CDC Vol 1 and 2. Other activities to help include hangman, crossword, word scramble.

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Who is charged with overseeing the managment of maintenance facilities and aircraft support equipment procurement and maintenance? What are the first four characters collectively called? Squadron Commander An idividual must receive what specific block of supply training before assuming duties as a due-in from maintenance DIFM monitor?

2AX7X Practice Test Volume 2 Of 2 – ProProfs Quiz

What maintenance priority designator is assigned to primary mission aircraft undergoing scheduled maintenance that if not accomplished would prevent or delay mission accomplishment? Which MOF section is responsible for coordinating aircraft maintenance requirements and ensuring proper utilization scheduling between the OG and MXG and any other applicable external agencies?

Forecast scheduled maintenance requirements with consideration for everyoune’s needs. Who is held legally responsible for their unit’s environmental protection agency program compliance in accordance with AFIwaste management? An MSET team is required to have only permanent member, where does the remainder of the team come from?

Quality Assurance What is a technical order TO change priority category? When a case of aircraft chaffing is reported, what percentage of assigned like model aircraft must be inspected to determine if other aircraft are also experiencing the problem? If applicable, who is responsible for managing the squadron’s flying crew chief program?


In an AMU, who is primarily responsible for using fault reporting manuals to identify fault codes to aid maintainers in aircraft troublshooting? What are some of the AMU production superintendent’s responsibilities? Inspection, repairing, servicing, manufacturing, fabrication, heat treat, testing, cleaning and welding.

7 Level CDC Quiz 2ax7x

Which Avionics flight section is responsible for performing off-equipment maintenance on pressure altimeters, engine test cell instrumentation, INS, and navigation computers? Normally, only maintenance tasks that have a high potential for personnel injury or damage to equipment.

AMUs must provide imputs to the maintenance group through the operations officer for the development of annual maintenance plant to? What form must be used when items on an equipment account ar loaned outsided the custodians’s span of control?

Who is personally responsible for managing the foreign object damage and dropped object prevention programs? What C-level would be reported if a unit possesses the required resources and is trained to undertake the full wartime mission s for which it is organized or designed? Who is responsible for developing the MESL for a particular airframe?

What document should serve as the main source of information in determining how much time is available to complete the aircraft generation process?

Haw are radiographic inspections accomplished outside the Non Deestructive Inspection Laboratory classified? Stat determine the required number of man power positions necessary in each AFSC to produce the desired number of sorties cec hours for support of specific weapons system. Closely monitoring the flow of aircraft into major scheduled inspections. For supply assests requiring functional checking, units are required to identify which assets require thei special handling. What are some of the factors that LCOM doesn’t take in to account that may cause this disconnect?

What course must a MSgt or aboce attend, if available, 2ax7z they will be supervising personnel on an MDS for which they have less than 1 year experience? What type of aircraft maintenance training is centrally produced but delivered to the student to be accomplished at theif convenience?


Other than three airframe crc pwerplant courses, what is an example of aircraft maintenance related specialized course? Which section is the wing focal point for engine health tracking vdc the engine health management program? A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard.

Quiz: 2AX7X CDC Pretest 2 of 11

Track, analyze and present info to help the various LVLs of Leadership assess the health of their units aircraft and equipment. What two postitions make up what is known as maintenance operationsformerly known as maintenance supervision? When an inventory of course materials is accomplished, what should also be completed in the CDC volumes before a trainee is allowed to begin work on the CDC course? Which of the following is responsible for coordinating the number of certified load crew team members in support of aircraft generation planning?

Who is repsonsible for ensuring a secure area is provided for transient aircraft on an installation? In supply terminology, what doe Credit mean when dealing with deficient assets ordered from supply? Identify, investigate, and implement programs that will field products to improve the availibility and affordability of aging aeronautical systems. Which Attack on Titan character are you?

Who is responsible for ensuring effective management of all maintenance training programs including the development of an orientation program to adequately train newly assigned MXG personnel?

Which primary maintenance metric indicator shows problems first, as they directly impact maintenance’s capability to provide resources to execute the mission?