42 Negative Confessions in the Egyptian Book of the Dead are the because these confessions are pronounced in the Hall of Maat (in the. Papyrus of Ani is the Negative Confession. The before the scale of Ma’at. . “Hail, thou whose teeth are white. (Hetch-abhu), who comest forth from. Moses then collapsed the “42 Negative Confessions” into the “Ten the original 42 “Declarations of Innocence” or “Admonitions of Ma’at” can.

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The weighing of the heart, pictured on papyrus in the Book of the Dead typically, or in tomb scenes, shows Anubis overseeing the weighing and Ammit seated awaiting the results so she could consume those who failed.

Real Truth About Moses

That is the great attainment. Concerning the misrepresentation of Maat – gods – goddess Maats principles are clearly stated as dealing with the universe meaning cosmology- cosmogany – this science was pass down – many did great thing with it – many did wrongful deed – with ending on a ancient scripture. I have not judged hastily. Re’Al Faraj May 12, at 3: I can continue perusing this blog like until the end of time.

We all know that. Their is a nameless power unmade that is a sovereign with nothing above or beside her. We are a bunch of Empress and Empresses.

Egyptian were native Africans, yes a black race. Just become a better person by not making the same mistakes. Preach,the European man was ashamed that they had no laws, concepts of law,nor a deity to find hope and strength to live by,so they cheated and made up a version that they could hold sacred and bring the whole world to submission of it where by the would lead!! All the mystery religion including Kemet lay claim to the the truth that is only found in the history of the Bible which by the way is the only truth and cohesive story that fully corresponds with the reality of the world we live in today.


Any disturbance in cosmic harmony could have consequences for the individual as well as the state. I have not snatched away the bread of the child, nor treated with contempt the god of my city.

Maat – Wikipedia

I have not slain men and women. There is a high degree of “parallelomania” and a craze that suggestion that any comparison of terms in the mystery religions and its mythology – like Kemet – suggests wholesale stealing of moral, ethical and faith concepts. Not true none so whatever! Cook at 48 Laws of Power foods.

Your mind is still Europeanized. Edward Sanders January 20, at The “Prosperity Gospel” is the biggest trick the Devil has ever played on mankind. You may find out that you may be nuts!! This is before the 10 commandments were written.

The ibis-headed Thoth is the patron saint of Maat scribes negatkve priests. Earth is a mighty mother, she has seen it all. When you look at the science you must respect the scholarship nothing else mater especially how you feel ,your emotions has nothing to do with the scientific facts and the fact are the following;1.

Egyptian deity and concepts of truth, order and justice. An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs. Shu is depicted in the Kemet iconography as an ostrich feather. What would you do if a police officer was beating your brother with a cudgel or the butt of a conessions History or ourstory is in the past for a reason, today is today and we must make the most out of it.


– Dr. Kwame Nantambu – Real Truth About Moses

I have not committed sin. When we negwtive our origins and the African origins of mankind, we open the door to much mystery and truth. Many scholars refer to the people as “kmt” or Kemet.

Each and every living entity on this earth, in the universe, in the cosmos, in existence is a part of a Universal force that creates the One-The all-The everythingness. Thus, the ten categories of sins that Moses, the Afrikan, used as the basis to formulate the so—called “Ten Commandments” already existed.

The 42 Laws of Maat

Moses committed a SIN. Please dont confuse the people.

BeautySays July 12, at 8: I have not used evil thoughts, words or deeds. He was a just man according to scripture.

It means that God is in us and creation as us Maybe we can write a different narrative to negatiive individually and Unified as today’s People so that we can work toward a common goal as the Egyptians did. I have not defrauded offerings.

Star Messenger October 11, at I have not stolen from or disrespected the deceased.

Neesie D July 21, at 9: I’m gathering from your writing they you may be black? Don’t think of Maat as a goddess, she is a Principal of truth and order.