Assembly Language Subroutines Lance A. Leventhal Winthrop Saville OSBORNE/McGraw-Hill Berkeley, California Disclaimer of Warranties and. Assembly Language Subroutines. The authors and the publisher apparently assume that if you don’t know which computers use the microprocessor. assembly language subroutines / Lance A. Leventhal, Winthrop Saville. Subjects: Assembly languages (Electronic computers) ยท (Microprocessor) > .

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In all routines, we have used the following parameter passing techniques: You should be able to use these routines as subroutines in actual applications and as guidelines for more complex pro- grams. This item is also available for international delivery by airmail, carrying a mandatory delivery charge of:.

Assembly Language Subroutines – Computing History

Such a list could be used, for example, to write threaded code in which each routine concludes by transferring control to its successor.

Unless the misspelling is invalid, the assembler has no way of knowing what you meant. Handling one character at a time is just like handling normal 8-bit unsigned numbers. Neither allows absolute indexed addressing. Shift languwge accumulator left 1 bit arithmetically, preserving the sign most sig- nificant bit.

We can also use the shift instructions to test the bits at the ends, as long as we can tolerate changes in the memory locations. We have, of course, tested all the programs thoroughly and documented them carefully.

The user should be careful if either the source or the destination area includes the temporary storage used by the program itself. Conditional Call Instructions You can implement a conditional call on the microprocessor by branch- ing on subrouhines opposite condition around the call. Set the Zero flag if the two values are equal and clear it other- wise. In particular, you must avoid partial updat- ing of data such as time that an interrupt service routine may use.


Set bit 5 of address CNTL to 1. Each item is then priced, photographed and listed on this site by our amazing team of volunteers from across the country.

We will provide only a brief over- view of the device here, since it is the most widely used. BoxChelmsford, MA EA, 6 is placed in memory addresses E34C The only register that can be used in indirect indexed addressing is register Y; the only register that can be used in indexed indirect addressing or in loading and storing the stack pointer is register X.

If you have sugges- tions for additional topics, routines, programming hints, index entries, and so forth, please tell us about them.

6502 assembly language subroutines

The procedure is the same one we just showed for an array. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. How can one return from a routine that one has never called? TheNorthern Technology Books, Evanston, We have drawn specific examples there from the popular Apple II computer, but the general principles are applicable to other based suhroutines as well.

If the priority register is write-only, a copy of its contents must be assemly in memory. We have aimed this book at the person who wants to use assembly language immediately, rather than just learn about it. Each subroutine is documented with an introductory sec- tion and comments; each is followed by at jeast one example of its use.

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You should remember that RTS is simply a jump instruction that obtains the new value for the program counter from the top of the stack. The Carry flag acts as an inverted borrow in subtraction. The program multiplies the row size number of columns in a row times the row subscript since the elements are stored by rows and adds the product to the column subscript.

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A single table lookup can perform the same operation as a sequence of instructions if there are no special exits or program logic involved. Some writing on inside cover. In particular, one can languwge arrays of two-byte elements by using ASL A to double an index in the accumulator.

The result in registers A and Y is invalid. The data in a memory location can be incremented by 1, decremented by 1, shifted left or right, or rotated left or right.

The program provides auto- matic address wraparound mod 64Kbut the results of any move involving the pro- gram’s own temporary storage are unpredic- table.