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Because the XIRQ input is level sensitive, it can be connected.

PDF 68HC12 Datasheet ( Hoja de datos )

Beware however that it is not always clear which specifications are shared by the two versions, and which apply only to the X-version of the processor. For a brief introduction to the microcontroller used, see the following:.

These following Freescale datasheets are provided to supplement the documentation on this website. Pre-coded C-language routines make it easy to access these features. Even so, as a service to those looking for descriptions of the protocol, the datasheets are provided here: During reset, the X bit in the condition code. This page is about: Whenever XIRQ or IRQ are used with multiple interrupt sources IRQ must be configured for level-sensitive operation if there is more than one source of IRQ interrupteach source must drive the interrupt input with an open-drain dtaasheet of driver to avoid contention between outputs.


This pin is always an input and can always be read. The BKGD pin receives and transmits serial background debugging. The pull-up can be turned off by clearing.

Connecting Hardware to the 9S12 Processor. XIRQ is often used as a power loss detect interrupt. Overview of the MC9S12A microcontroller.

The Module Mapping Control Guide shows you how to use the control registers for the HCS12 Microcontroller and how to 68uc12 the device’s memory map. Mosaic Industries web site. The BKGD pin has an. Index to all documents, tutorials, and user guides. A special self-timing protocol is used.

This manual describes the features dstasheet operation of the core central processing unit, or CPU, and development support functions used in all HCS12 microcontrollers. MODB have active pull-downs during reset. Home – IC Supply – Link. Most datasheets listed on this page may be downloaded as a single 6. There is an active pull-up on this pin while in reset and immediately out of reset. Refer to Development Support. There is an active pull-up on this pin while in reset.

68HC12 Datasheet(PDF) – Motorola, Inc

MCU will recognize another interrupt as soon as the interrupt mask bit in. The detailed specifications provide the timing information you may sometimes need when writing c language application programs.


Device Overview and Block Diagram. If the interrupt line is held low, the MCU will recognize another interrupt as soon as the interrupt mask bit in the MCU is cleared normally upon return from an interrupt. This pin is always an input and. Using this Doc Web. XIRQ is often used as a power loss detect. The XIRQ input provides a means of requesting a nonmaskable interrupt.

The state of these pins during reset determine the MCU operating mode. There must also be an interlock mechanism at each interrupt source so that the source holds the interrupt line low until the MCU recognizes and acknowledges the interrupt request. If the interrupt line is held low, the. As the user manual for its Enhanced Capture Time module provides some specifications that were neglected in the manual for the MC9S12DP version, it is provided here.