nnwiki A Deepness In the Sky; nowiki A Deepness in the Sky; plwiki Otchłań w niebie; rowiki Adâncurile cerului; ruwiki Глубина в небе; ukwiki Глибина у небі. A Deepness in the Sky has ratings and reviews. Matt said: In the ‘The Sixth Sense’, the character Malcolm tries to tell a story. Unfortunately. Adancurile Cerului. Editura: Nemira. Anul aparitiei: Continuarea aventurii incepute cu Foc in adanc. Castigator al premiilor Hugo, Campbell Memorial.

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Nov 20, Connie rated it really liked it Shelves: When a new alien species is discovered on a planet orbiting an oscillating On-Off star, they immediately see this as an opportunity for potential new scientific discoveries, i.

As a result, the various alien subplots were sometimes tedious reading. Books like this are why people read science fiction. In fact, when it comes right down to it, I think I’d rather read a good story teller’s work than a good writer’s work.

The wonder of it — the horror of it… down at the very bottom of it was a little program that ran a counter. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer present an immense, authoritative anthology that maps the development and modern-day resurgence of this form, argues for its special virtues and present preeminence-and entertains us with some spectacular storytelling along the way.

There is exactly one character in common, Pham, and his actions and relationships in this book have no bearing on the first book. Like, there’s a character Look, I get it: After nearly twenty years, Vernor Vinge has produced an enthralling sequel to his memorable bests. This is represented well here by Tomas Nau, the Emergent Podmaster, in control of hi This is a fantastic story. Vinge’s prose is kind of dry and his habit of throwing a bunch of hints at you before really telling you what’s going on is alternately effective and obnoxious.

We don’t care enough to try and find out, and the author doesn’t offer any kind of rational explanation for it. Meanwhile, the men are merely physically enslaved. So the story of the “Emergents” versus the Qeng Ho was every bit as interesting as what was happening on Arachna.

I’m not going on to the third book but, then, it’s the actual sequel to the first book, and I didn’t like any of those characters, and I don’t care what happens “next”.

Wikipedia’s definition for Space Opera would seem to preclude this from being included due to the lack of a central romancebut if Star Wars “closely follows many traditional space opera conventions”, then so does Vinge’s Fire and Deepness: This second novel by multiple award-winner Vernor Vinge, fromis a fast-paced adventure where galactic policies collide and different cultures clash as two scientists and their faith in technology are pitted against an elusive race of telekinetic beings.


Vinge is the originator of one of my favorite sci-fi concepts called Zones of Thought. Underhill summarizes adnacurile sentiment rather nicely when he talks about wanting to make invention the mother of necessity rather than the other way around: Vinge parallels this problem in the development of Spider society. If the anthropologists can’t help resolve the conflict between the feuding alien factions, no one will survive.

This results in a lengthy and tense conflict between the more liberal Accord kingdom and the traditionalist Adsncurile, and this conflict culminates with mushroom clouds. Yell at me here, or there.

It’s one of those times where the literary merit of cerklui fiction kind of sneaks up cerulhi you.

Foc în adânc – Wikipedia

So what can I add to that? Now, for the first time, this illustrious author gathers all his short fiction into a single volume. Once the mainstay of science fiction, adventure stories fell out of favor during the s and early s. The “Focus” is one cerlui the most chilling forms of slavery I’ve seen in fiction–one where with your mind enslaved, your body follows.

The campfire retelling of the story would probably necessarily feature a lot less nerdy stuff, though I think we’ll ceruluui to wait until Hollywood writers and producers finally evolve at least Neanderthal intelligence before they could suitably adapt a work like this.

It is their sleeping holes or “deepnesses” that give the book its adancurole. There are significant differences between Spider and human society, yet Vinge downplays the alienness so much that it often seems that we are reading about just another human culture.

The last two hundred pages could have easily stretched to be double that, and I think that I would have felt more satisfied with the conclusion had it had a little more detail to it. Their world is the sole planet in orbit of OnOff, a brown dwarf that enjoys 35 years of life-giving brightness before dimming for years hence its name. There are always compromises when new technology pervades society, and that’s one of the reasons science fiction is so useful and compelling.

Carti vernor vinge

Vinge is a bit like George RR Martin in that respect. As Apatt aluded to though, there’s something about the book that doesn’t ring ‘right’ to start with. Adventure in SF in the Grand Tradition.

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Almost the entire time we’re in the heads of the spiders they feel completely human. There is no galactic empire, the physics of star travel don’t really allow for that, but there are hundreds of worlds, some of which have fallen into barbarism and recreated their civilization several times over. The next and last of the trilogy was published only about two years ago and is a direct sequel to A Fire Upon the Deep and starts two years after the close of events there. I don’t just worry about the future of my generation, or the future of the generation after mine, or the future of a couple of generations down the line.

Instead, we find the spiders living in a near carbon copy of 20th-century Earth. With the help of an underground network of determined, independent scientists and a teenager who may be the apprentice genius he’s needed for so long, he will shake the world, in the fast-paced hard-science thriller that garnered Vinge the first of his four Hugo nominations for best novel. To ask other readers questions about A Deepness in the Skyplease sign up.

Vernor Vinge

Why did he anthropomorphise the aliens? The two tracks accelerate towards a breathless convergence when contact is made, at which points all subplots and tensions resolve within a few dozen pages. adzncurile

The author is so uninvolved with his characters that he casually dumps the two most sympathetic ones for good in a scene that takes place offstage. A daring bank robbery has taken place at Hayek Associates–a dot-com start-up company that’s just floated onto the London stock exchange.

I did get lost in some scientific details but most of them do become self explanatory as you read on. In the elite group of authors of speculative fiction that truly understand the power of story and are masters of it, we must include such names adancurille J. Or they all could be, and you never know which ones will make it through.

If you can make it through those bits, it gets a little better as the story progresses.