Trailhead, the fun way to learn Salesforce. Learn CRM Fundamentals for Salesforce Classic. salesforce logo. © Copyright , inc. Learn CRM Fundamentals for Salesforce Classic. Understand Salesforce and learn how to navigate, customize, and manage basic CRM features. 8 hrs 15 mins. ADM SAP AS ABAP – Administration SAPTEC Technology Fundamentals for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business 5 – User Administration Fundamentals.

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If demonstrating proficiency in the activities the exams cover will help your career, then certification would be something to consider further. Organization and user administration Customization Security and access Data import and update Workflow management Custom reports and dashboards Marketing administration Support administration Custom object, custom tab and Web tab creation Extending salesforce.

December 26, at 9: July 15, at While I could rely on memorization for most of the questions, there were several where I had to connect the dots to figure out the answer.

The Study Guide outlines the percentages of each major topic, but I could not tell if the exam held true to the percentages since the questions were presented in random order.

July 12, at Can you help out how to prepare for this exam.

Salesforce Admin | Salesforce | Salesforce Training

August 22, at 8: Can anybody let me know if Salesforce certification will be a new skill to my resume. Thanks in advance, Neeha. It also had additional information that was not in the training materials although obscured by repeated material as well.


I have experience in Software testing for four years. Can anyone help me to know till what extend its beneficial? Unlock ad,100 power of your Salesforce investment and develop knowledge and skills with Salesforce Training.

If you want to become certified, see my video blog http: I have heard of people passing without taking the class. Vinay, looks like Salesforce has a brand new Certification website.

Certification Exam Notes

Hi, i want to know how to clear my certification admin August 17, at 5: There are some online training classes in the online Help in the system, but they are not specifically for certification.

November 22, at August 16, at 8: September 7, at 4: The questions have probably evolved over time so there may have been some obscure questions in earlier versions.

Fundamenhals am not doing the four day training, but I have been using it for the past four years, and over the last year using it as the only person in the company with deep insight. There were a few questions with only one answer, but most had several correct answers.


The questions were not as obscure as some bloggers suggested. The instructor, Brian, was a highly trained professional who was able to explain the complex interactions especially permissions, security, and access as well as keep us on task.


For every new release of Salesforce. Plz reply me ur suggestion will help me to decide my career.

It would have taken much longer to figure out some of this stuff without a strong instructor. Increasing visibility into your business Creating high-value reports and dashboards Creating customer support routing strategies Driving user adoption and usage of your investment Leveraging best practices form peer students Customizing your application, including page layouts, fields, tab and business fujdamentals Using the App Exchange to download or build custom Salesforce applications Prerequisites: Luckily, I happened to watch your video on Certification and found it really useful.

ADM is the basic class. Rohit, please see my latest blog entry: February 2, at 6: February 21, at Other groups that benefit from the Administrator Workshop include power users, sales operations, marketing users and IT.

Completion of all the following online course is mandatory. April 26, at 6: Hi I am Pratik. June 28, at 5: So far it has taken me about eight hours to review all the materials and self-create some examples in my developer account for each Maintenance Exam.