Ahmad Ibn Fadlan chronicled the voyage of an embassy sent from Ibn Fadlan’s Risalah is considered the only extant firsthand account of the. Ahmad Ibn Fadlan met with the Vikings in Volga Bulgaria. His chronicle called Risala includes detailed information and observations about them. The travel. But perhaps the most memorable passages in the Risala, his account of his journeys, concern the Varangians, In , the Arab traveler Ahmad ibn Fadlan (fl.

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A group of the fighters with weapons has to cross first before any from the caravan crosses. However, Sheik Khasan dissuaded them. And if a person with wife and children dies, the oldest of his children marries his wife if she was not his mother. The Great Emir, that is Emir of Khurasan, had more rights to erect the sermon for for the benefit of the ruler of the righteous in this country, if he would find an opportunity, because you are far and as between you and the country about which you talk, is one thousand tribes of infidels.

And thus everyone who substitutes a leader of theirs is called Kudarkin.

Ibn Fadlan: An Arab Among the Vikings of Russia |

They are an avant guarde for the people behind them, for protection from the Bashkirs, so that they i. So, when I came to him, rosala ordered to me to sit, and I sat down, and he threw me the letter of the ruler of the righteous and said: Frontispiece of the German translation of Ibn Fadhlan’s book, Reisebericht. It is a fact that appearance is the first thing which draws the attention of a person about the other.

A normal human decency required them “to do something”. Laila ibn-Nu’man was already killed, and we found in it Nayshabur Hammavayh Kus, the commander of the Khurasan army. Al-Fadl ibn-Musa also agreed with ‘Abdallah ibn-Bashtu and others of our comrades who began to say: It describes the adventures of a great Scandinavian warrior of the 6th century.


Then the interest of the author shifts towards another direction: Risalz malik of the Turk Guzzes is called Yabgu or truer it riswla a title of the ruler, and everyone who reigns above this tribe, is called with this title. Page of the manuscript of Ibn Fadhlan’s travel account.

Perception of the Vikings from Ibn Fadlan’s glance in al-Risala

Of their customs one is such, that if a son of a man has a child, he is taken away by his grandfather, before his father, and he grandfather says: We stayed in an-Nihravan one day and further went strenuously, until we reached ad-Daskara.

When he aahmad to ride, they bring his horse to the throne, and he mounts it, and when he wants to dismount, his horse is brought to it so that he can dismount there. Ahmad Ibn Fadlan was a tenth century traveller and chronicler from the Abbasid Caliphate. The first of their maliks and leaders whom we met was Yanal yynal?

And this is because they get angry and say: Only in was a manuscript discovered by the Turkish scholar Zeki Validi Togan in the library of the Iranian city of Mashhad.

But only among all of them is no one which bottom could be reached. Zakiev – Translator’s note to the river named Djavashir, and remained near it for two months.

Ahmad ibn Fadlan – Wikipedia

Idolatry in Vikings depicted by Ibn Fadlan Another issue which draws the attention of Ibn Fadlan is the rituals of the Rus performed after their conquest of a new land: If he said this, it becomes compulsory and it is impossible to turn back. And the custom of the Khazar malik is that he has twenty five wives, each of these wives is a daughter of some rival maliks who he takes willingly or by force.


So, we went down from Khoresm to al-Djurdjania. We burn him in a moment, so that he enters dadlan at once. The Arab farsa k h aka farasakh was approximately 5.

Per Yakut Takin had told me that in the country of the malik there is a man of extremely huge built. After that we arrived to a place where was a huge quantity of a at-tag tree. And they saw that he is mobile, sharp-witted.

Ahmad ibn Fadlan

But, however, what is the name of my Lord, the ruler of the righteous? And if the leader dies, his family ask his slave-girls and slave-boys, “Who among you will die with him?

University of Chicago Press. One of the customs of the King of the Ruses is that in his palace he keeps company with four hundred of his bogatyrs and most trusted companions; they die when he dies and die fighting for him. But only in the early morning she eats some meat. The same is the Turkish fadln also: And they carried him inside the tent on the ship and laid him ahmxd the quilt, propping him with pillows.

The muezzin, calling for a pray, proclaimed ikama to him twice. The come the day he died. The Turk came and found both of them in a connection.

Wells’ Morlocks added for flavour. I did not see among them any person who had a fever, however the majority of them are ill, and die from it.