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All arteries are involved in blood supply to auricle except? Part of Quedtion which is related to Sexual behaviour a Preoptic b Supraoptic c Lateral Hypothalamus d posterior hypothalamus.

Hav u all add this 1: Post operative pan ophthalmitis…….

Which such medication can be stopped on day of surgery a Iwth blockers b Steroids c Statins d ACE inhibitors Electromechanically Systole is a R wave to first heart sound b Q wave to second heart sound c Q wave to T wave d. Japanese Detergent Suicide, works by a. What is the possible outcome? What is the correct. Wat infestation was he having?

Yoga if considered as part of medicine, it will be considered a a physiotherapy b preventive medicine c emergency medicine d. Drug responsible for cyanide toxicity.


After a subclavian vein cannulation, man presents with absent breath sounds on one side, increased resonance.

Where can I get it? Which is the possibility? Amylin is secreted from a Alpha cells b Beta cells c Delta cells d pancreatic polypeptide or Gamma. The hypoglycemic drug causing Vitamin B12 deficiency is a Exenatide b rapaglinide c sitagliptin d Metformin.

Which of the following drug is asssociated with increased quesgion mortality?

Name required Mail will not be published required Website. Enzyme for both cholesterol and fatty acid synthesis is a Hmg co a synthase b Hmg co a reductase c Thiokinase d Lyase. FSH, LH done to exclude a. Was the question about prions straight one r twisted one. All the following wiyh found in DIC except? He subsequently underwent questikn thyroidectomy and functional neck dissection, what should be the next step in the management? Your Shopping Cart is empty.

The drug of choice for treatment is a Erythromycin b Penicllin c d. We will post all question as soon as we collect these on recall basis with authentic answers. Well differentitated carcinoma 4. Thank you for these questions.

NEET PG Previous Years (Past) Solved Question Papers (PDF) from 1995-2018

Elastic recoil some question abt anesthetic machine? Just when I was planning to quit, you guys made me work again. Ans is Ultrasound Therapy delusions are not seen in.

Srinivas January 8th, at The last date for submission for application forms was 27 th November Negative pressure in pleural space is due to? Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis immuno histochemistry positive for a.


Like our facebook page or wait a few seconds to visit the link. Best of luck to all who are appearing for oaper. Sausage digit Hardening of finger Something lyk pale pulp finger.

AIPGMEE Model question paper free download

Beta 2 Microglobulin b. Which of the following not a diagnosis? MoonGarg on December 28, in Medical. The carotid artery is clamped above the level of Carotid sinus. Lubiprostn stimulates chloride channel in intestine and increases liquid secretion in hut and decrease transit time. Which findings are not observed?

DEC PT pneumococcus meningitis: An active agent in sodomy was subjected to examination. X-ray exposure for detecting minimal pneumoperitoneum is a. Affects muscles of larynx 2. Muscle which is NOT derived from pharyngeal arches a Tensor tympani b Palatine tonsil c Levator palpebrae superioris d orbicularis oculi.

Which of the following is correct for his punishment?