In this article we will discuss about the design of core and coreless induction furnace. An improved form of core type furnace is Ajax-Wyatt vertical core type . ea1 ring induction type. CONSTRUCTION. OF FURNACE. The vertical-ring ioduction furnace makes use of the pat- sented Ajax-Wyatt heating element. VERTICAL CORE TYPE INDUCTION FURNACE Also known as AJAX-WYATT FURNACE. Vertical crucible is used for the charge. Bottom is usually V-shaped or .

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In addition to the great advantage of applying this primary-on-secondary pressure beneficially, changing a “bucking” liability to an wyqtt asset to clear the channel quickly, reduce the temperature in the channel and correspondingly to reduce the temperature differential between the channel and the pool, I secure a decided benefit also in eliminating molten ajjax eddy currents such as are shown at 73, M1.

The attempt to use the core-type transformer about re-entrant angles as above has not produced the advantage nor the flow relations of my u5 invention.

Electric induction furnace – AJAX ELECTRIC FURNACE CORP

The angle of meeting of the branches of the channel may be varied, and the contour of channel cross section may be altered.

With this furnace thermal efficiencies as high as 85 per cent have been obtained. The edgepresented contour 59 of Figure 4a might also be used and somewhat less desirably the flat-presented contour 60 of Figure 4b could be employed.

Figure 4 is a fragmentary section of Figure 2 on the line For the reasons above, beneficial effect of primary-on-secondary pressure upon the molten metal above the medial transformer line is much less than the injurious effect of the counter pressure in that part of the channel below the medial line.

The currents are induced by the principle of electromagnetic induction. My invention relates to the methods involved.

The Ajax‐Wyatt or Vertical Ring Induction Furnace

It will be evident that both of the moving forces used primary-on-secondary and secondary-on-secondary are motor effects. A further purpose is to eliminate some of the wear upon the refractory walls of the submerged channel of an electric induction furnace.


It is used for the same purpose as the resistance oven. At the time of starting, a complete ring of metal must be present the crucible otherwise, the secondary circuit will remain open and heat will not be produced. My construction gives a maximum advantage for the secondary-on-secondary stirring effect already described, both through concentration of electromagnetic effect at the V due to the transformer position linking the V and because of the elimination of the counter force represented in Figure 8 by arrow 68 due to primary-on-secondary force in the prior art form.

Core Type Induction Furnace. This induced current flows through the channel and through the pool from one channel end to another. The present invention applies to submerged channel furnaces having angles in the channels whose points are directed away from the pool, whatever the cross sectional contour of the submerged channel and the contour is therefore not specifically claimed in this application.

As a general rule all bobbins are having through-opening terminals, yet just picked littler center. I read your post.

There are few large power consuming devices that have as smooth an operating curve as the vertical ring induction furnace. Figure 5 is a side elevation of a somewhat different furnace embodying my invention. A SumoBrain Solutions Company. The walls of the channel curve at 54 preferably around the same axis of curvature as that of the coil, and the straight portions 55 and 58 of the branches 37 and 38 of the submerged channel are preferably tangential at wyath to the curved portion As a rough analogy, pinch effect flow may be compared to the type of flow produced in a flexible hose when the 30 walls are uniformly constricted from the outside.

S In wyayt submerged channel having an angle whose point is directed away from the pool, wytt stirring tendency originates at the point 31 of meeting of the branches, due to the action of the electric current in one branch of the channel upon the electric current in the other branch. The “kicking” is due to vaporization of zinc, which breaks the electrical circuit through the submerged channel and causes momentary cessation of heating.


The transformer core 47 will of infuction be made of laminated sheets of transformer iron, which are assembled by overlapping individual sheets at points of joining as in conventional transformer practice. The type illustrated in Figures 5 to 7b furmace has the submerged channel placed at one side of the pool see my U. From the figure, it is clear that the coupling is wyatr and leakage reactance is high hence the power factor is low.

By explaining the theory upon which my invention is believed to operate, I do not wish to limit myself to this theory nor to make the correctness of the theory essential to the protection afforded my invention. The ends 40′ and 41′ at which the channel joins the pool 30 may connect with the pool in any suitable way, and the direction of the channel may be somewhat changed at this point, as is true in Figure 2 also, as by baffles 62 and Figure 4a is furjace view corresponding to Figure 4 and illustrating a modified channel cross section.

Induction Heating | Ajax Wyatt Furnace

As a result of the above, some of the chargeflows upwardly as indicated by the arrow 72, overcoming the tendency to flow downward indicated by the arrow M6, while another part of the charge is turned back toward the point 33 as indicated by the arrow Figure 9 is a fragmentary diagrammatic view of a furnace of my invention.

Primary-on-secondary stirring tends to cause flow away from the point of concentration of the leakage field. Figure 7a is a view similar to Figure 7, showing a different channel cross section.

Pinch effect does not assist circulation except where there is a change in cross section.