AKAI CAU B User Manuals. PDF Download AKAI CAU B English user manual · PDF Download AKAI CAU B Hungarian user manual · PDF. márc. Akai CAU MP3 autós lejátszó nem kapcsol be.Táp csatlakoztatáskor egy pillanatra felvillan a kijelző de bekapcsolni nem lehet. VERSION IND-XBT. USER MANUAL VERSION IND-XU. IND- BT Manual – Bravo View Technology. AKAI CAU B English user manual.

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Never insert a 3-inch 8cm CD contained in the adapter or an irregularly shaped CD. Stations with strong and weak signals can be broadcast. Press and hold a preset button numbers on the front panel or remote control.

Akai CAU-7180B Operating Instructions Manual

Insert the disc into the slot, and the unit will change to disc mode automatically. Record the password and keep it in a safe place for future reference. czu

Check the dashboard opening size by sliding the mounting sleeve into it. No image output; c. This unit does not support.

Remote control The remote control is The batteries are low or not working or does not Change the batteries. The stored stations P1-P6 for the current band can be viewed on the screen.


User Manuals – Smartphone, GPS, TV, Electronics

Volume is set at minimum or No sound the mute function is on. Eject the Disc Press to flip down the panel. B again to select ending point.

Replace the dashboard trim panel. If your vehicle requires the use of an installation kit to mount this unit, follow the instructions included with the installation kit to attach the unit to the mounting plate supplied with the kit. Cut the connector, connect akzi colored leads of the power cord to the car battery, as shown in the colour code table below for speaker and power cable connections.

RIPSpeed DVDB Operating instructions

Press to turn on the unit. Do not exceed M5 x 9mm maximum screw size. When disc inserted, display shows LOAD.

Please consult with your local car stereo shop for assistance on this type aki installation. Select a band if neededthen select a station.

Akai CAU-7180B Manuals

The passengers at the rear seats can watch normally. ERROR will be displayed if error found in disc operation.


The dashboard should be 4. Ordinarily, the radio frequency or on when the vehicle ignition switch is on. Reset Remove csu Panel 1. Disconnect battery Before you begin, always disconnect the battery negative terminal.

Playing Source Selection Method 1 Short press the SRC button on the panel or remote control to cycle through all the available sources.

Slide the mounting sleeve off the chassis. Subtitle DVD only If you select a folder on the list, cu can view its contents.

Current item is highlighted. Disc must be inserted with the label side facing up. If such a disc is used, remove these rough spots with a pencil or ball-point cai, etc. AF function will implement the regional code of the PI and only stations in the current region can be tuned automatically.