Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi. Tarunārunamani kiranāvalinihar, taruma ksharamana mahizhmālai. Terunādiyatiru vadiyār terumaral, teliyap paravudal. THIS IS MURUGANAR’S DETAILED and highly literary commentary on Aksharamanamalai, the verse poem that Sri Ramana Maharshi composed around. Arunachala Aksharamanamalai – Tamil – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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Then didst thou shine motionless aloneOh Arunachala! Thou art the primal being, whereas I count not in this nor in the other world. Let the sea of joy surge, speech and feeling cease, Oh Arunachala!

With madness for akxhara thou hast freed me from madness for the world ; grant me now the cure of all madness, Oh Arunachala! One art Thou without a second; who then could dare elude Thee and come in?

Aksharamanamalai, Verses

Thou dost root out the ego of those who dwell on their spiritual identity with Thee, Oh Arunachala! It is not even worth speaking about, Oh Arunachala! Didst Thou not call me in? Thou didst shave clean my head and I was lost to the worldthen Thou didst show Thyself dancing in transcendent space, Oh Arunachala!

I was caught in the trap of Thy grace! I have betrayed Thy secret workings. Motherlike, shouldst thou not complete Thy task, Oh Arunachala?

Spoken English in Tamil Free Version. It is the truth itself! Thou didst sally forth and the siege of illusion was ended. What austerities left incomplete in previous births have won me Thy special favour, Oh Arunachala?

Can the net of Thy grace ever fail, Oh Arunachala? Do not abandon me, I pray,Oh Arunachala!


In my unloving self Thou didst create a passion for Thee, therefore forsake me not, Oh Arunachala! Unless Thou do so who can intercede with Grace itself made manifest, Oh Arunachala? This is only Thy jugglery, Oh Arunachala! Sweet fruit within my hands, let me be mad with ecstasy, drunk with the bliss of Thy essence, Oh Arunachala! Adorn me with thy grace and then regard me, Oh Arunachala!


Thou hast cut the know which hid the vision of Thy head and foot the limitless Self. Easy and effective way to learn English for Tamil speakers. Familiar to Thine ears are The sweet songs of votaries who melt to the very bones with love for Thee, yet let my poor strains also be acceptable, Oh Arunachala! Account Options Sign in.

Do thou dispel illusion, Oh Arunachala! If spurned by Thee, alas! Why didst thou then recall Thyself to me? Save me from the cruel snares of fascinating women and honour me with union with Thyself, Oh Arunachala! The meaning of each verse is included so that the prayer maja each verse is clear.

The best Tamil typing keyboard app with emojis, fun GIFs, themes and more. Watching like a spider to trap me in aoshara web of Thy grace, Thou didst entwine me zkshara when imprisoned feed upon me, Oh Arunachala!

Thyself regard me and dispel malaj Thou didst benumb my faculties with stupefying power, then rob me of my understanding and reveal the knowledge of Thy Self, Oh Arunachala! Throw Thy garland about my shoulders wearing Thyself this one strung by me, Arunachala!

What didst thou gain then by my worthless self, Oh Arunachala? The eye of the eye art Thou, and without eyes Thou seest, Oh Arunachala!


The time spent in learning this hymn is well worth it. I had but thought of Thee as Aruna, and lo! Disclose thy beauty then and hold her bound, Oh Arunachala! Unasked Thou givest; this is thy imperishable fame. Chants D’Esperance with Tunes. Say to me ‘Fear not! What value has this birth without knowledge born of realization?

Arunachala Aksharamanamalai : David Godman

What rests for me but the torment of my prarabdha? Hill of patience, bear with my foolish words, regarding them as hymns of joy or as Thou please, Oh Arunachala! Treasure of benign and mzna Grace found without seeking, steady my wandering mind, Oh Arunachala! Who but Thyself can find out Thee, Oh Arunachala?

Hard is Thy lot, Oh Arunachala! If now Thou turn me away, the world will blame Thee, Oh Arunachala! Let us embrace upon the bed of tender flowers, mapai is the mind, within the room of the body or the ultimate truthOh Arunachala!

Akshramanamalai was born in the supreme divine Love that Ramana Maharshi experienced in an extremely intense and spontaneous way towards Arunachala, This hymn embodies the potent grace of Ramana Maharshi and is a very rare gift bestowed on humanity.

Everyone who chants this hymn will be filled with joy and overcome mental delusions and sorrows.