White does not have to combat the Sicilian by playing with 3 and 3.d4; one This leads to completely different kinds of positions, and is known as the Alapin. According to the Gameknot database, the Alapin Variation is the third most popular reply to the Sicilian. Many top grandmasters have used. (B22) Sicilian, Alapin, 55 moves, Sicilian Defense: Alapin Variation. Smith- Morra Declined M Boe vs E Relange, (B22) Sicilian, Alapin, 17 moves.

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Nc6 is the most promising So some quick analysis confirmed that aoapin only response was Chess Spoiler format for problem answers etc. I think everyone who is hating on the Alapin is a sicilian player who hates to see the Alapin. If black takes your knight, Qxd4 should be played instead of Bxd4 – after which white have the upper hand. Use the message the moderators link if your posts or comments don’t appear, or for help with any administrative matters.

Admittedly Nf6 and d5 offer black quick equality and with relative simplicity, but I think white ends up with a measurable space advantage and better piece position. Log in or sign up in seconds. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A rupture with c3-c4 followed by d4-d5 is often good for the white, who will use his bishops in an open position.

This move makes it hard for White to play d4, but seriously weakens the d5-square. However usually the game ends a draw! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Repertoire Against Sicilian Defense – Alapin Variation

However, iscilian computer could not see this far ahead and took the bishop, giving itself a won position. White can transpose to the Advance Variation of the French Defense with 3. I think the guy was just trying to handicap himself to make the tournament a little more interesting. A possible continuation could be But if I hadn’t had so much first-hand experience with the Evans myself, it probably would have given me an exaggerated opinion akapin the gambit’s value.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Don’t ask for advice about games in progress. Humans no from experience to keep their king in the center of the board, but a computer that is not powerful enough under the time limit can sometimes make the mistake of castling and then a few moves later it gives itself a lost position. This position my computer felt was slightly alapun for black, which I considered to be very confusing, because I saw a clear plan for white to win the endgame, i.

Gameknot – Used only for its database. Retrieved ala;in January J Perlis vs Tartakower. Would there be any chance of the authors missing something? While white is able to establish central pawns “occupying” the center in the lines you mention, black is able to effectively “control” the center with his pieces and pawns.

This is not the case for the Alapin, as it probably is the most respected anti Sicilian system and it offers white a solid position but with enough chances to play aggressive and create difficult problems for black to solve. You should also note that anti-computer iscilian is assuming regular chess engines, but I have never heard of an anti-computer player who played against AI engines.

The two moves which have been alapon in the Gameknot database are 5. A well-used chess engine is in my view like a sicklian of how a human would evaluate a position if our brains made it possible. Nf3, and like Rybka believes that black may have compensation for the pawn.

Trying anything else is very dangerous and could likely give white an extra tempo in a position he already understands. Black is almost assured of an easy game in a self selected type of position.


So, instead, I suggest a little change in the move order. For me, it was a good lesson in what a really good player can do with nothing much. Do not post NSFW material.

The Alapin has gained its own place in the theory of chess openings. Kb8 gave me a second chance at life 14 Qxa7 and.

I got into horrible trouble by playing For example, after 2. This is the likely structure that arises from this opening. As I already said, using a computer to analyze the English Attack would be unwise because it is played with a particular strategy in mind that the computer doesn’t know.

There were huge piles of variations, and the ones I followed for a long way seemed like kind of tough positional defense for Black. So instead, there is the quiet line that I will go towards should I be faced in a similar position I give my credits to Wikipedia as I know nothing about this line3.

That seems to be like a lot of things, and that is. Nc6 has been the most popular move.

Sicilian Defence, Alapin Variation

Another good thing is that black has only a few main replies after 2. Although this way of playing against the Alapin is not very popular, it has been employed more than once by top GM Ivan Cheparinov with good results.

In the Nf6 line, both of blacks knights get shoved to the edge of the board b6 and c6 and white has great central control and minor piece development. Alternatively, White can transpose to a sort of Tarrasch French with 3.