Wow, what a great unit! I didn’t expect so good reverbs from this gear! I’m totally impressed! I have lexicon mpx, i have behringer rev , i have. Find great deals for Alesis Quadraverb Plus – Quadra-verb FX Reverb U Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals on eBay for Alesis Quadraverb in Signal Processors and Rack Effects. Vintage Alesis Quadraverb Plus effects unit V works well! $

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Alesis Quadraverb Plus (MT Apr 91)

It was a bit of what was best for the public 20 years ago, plus it’s easy enough to find one on Ebay. I do not think it’s super convenient, I prefer the buttons to turn what the pots aalesis, as we see it or means immediately change. I haven’t used the in depth features of the Quadraverb, but I’ve used it enough to get a good gist of what it can and cannot do.

Gear in this article: The effects can be used in parallel or in serial or a co The range is from 0 through 1. The next display will read: And to make it a tad more interestingsuppose we gave quadraaverb a sampling capability – quadraverbb to help out when the Synclavier is full.

Our members also liked: The playback can be further altered by having a variety of sources to trigger the sample.

Alesis QuadraVerb

MIDI will eventually disappear from our studios Short of a nightmare full of teenage acne! If you don’t own a Quadraverb, things are likely to be a bit more expensive, I’m afraid. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Up for sale is a really quadrsverb, useful and musical rack guitar pre-amp and multi-effects unit by Alesis.

The policy of upgrading is nothing new of course, but Alesis do seem to be more diligent than most in making the benefits of continued research in their products available to existing customers. Everything is editable as racks that time, but the older software and it is increasingly difficult to find It was given to me and I don’t need it.


The start can be anywhere in the sample in 10 millisecond steps. The sounds are beautiful and we left quickly carried away quadravebr everyone. Similarly, it wouldn’t have been difficult for them to justify adding at least another 50 quid to the price of the Quadraverb to cover all the extra features, and put it down to inflation.

The resultant sound, has, depending on the type of input signal, a ringing, metallic quality, rich in harmonics and very resonant.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. A similar, but more straightforward effect is provided by the Resonators which the Quadraverb Plus now sports.

Please note that the effect will only alesiss heard when both the left and right outputs of the Quadraverb are in use. The Alesis Quadraverb is a multi-effects processor, mostly focusing on reverb and delay processing. Resonator, ring mod, and sampling are super cool too. In Figure 7B, an additional ms is added to Tap 2 which means that it now occurs wlesis ms instead of ms as in 7Aand Tap 3 now occurs at ms instead of 1 second in Figure 7A.

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. When the power supply is lost, so are the samples, I’m afraid. This can happen in two ways. These represent versions of the input signal with its harmonic spectrum shifted up and with it shifted down and you can adjust the overall level of each.

This is a normal phenomena that occurs during sample playback. The following illustration shows how the timing of adjacent taps behave when a single delay time is modified Tap 2 delay is changed from ms to ms in this example: It’s got a series of different buttons for choosing different effects and modes, as well as input and output levelers, and page and value scrolling buttons as well.


That they have done neither will, I’m sure, reflect very positively on them and ensure some loyal customer support in the years to come. The effects that are featured on this unit include reverb, delay, EQ, flanger, phaser, and a ring modulator. The initial resonating frequency of each resonator can be individually adjusted tuned on a chromatic scale. Not bad for an effects unit.

Consequently, when a note is released, the output of the resonator driven by this note will decay to zero even if the input signal is active.

quadfaverb The cumulative delay time of all 8 taps is milliseconds. Full instructions on the operation of your unit can be found in your User’s Guide.

Please update your browser to use Reverb

As the mass “digitalisation” of equipment took place, however, aoesis particular form of modulation became less and less common. When the first LED dB lights, the input signal has passed the audio threshold and recording has begun. It’s missing the power cord. However, the duration value will remain intact and in effect as soon as the user adjustment of the loop start will permit the proper length.

Both prices include VAT.

It really helps – thank you! And don’t forget, we’re talking bit sampling here: Possibly the most popular budget multi-fx processor currently available, the Quadraverb has just been upgraded and promoted to the rank of ‘Plus’. With an integrated power supply, it would be a treat. It also features an LED screen where you can see all of your parameters alezis settings that aren’t physically on the unit.

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