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Santa Cruz County California

Yugoslav citizens could fairly freely travel abroad and some young intellectuals studied in France, the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and other countries.

In consequence, it was Humanism that provided the prerequisites for the modern understanding of citation. He succeeded in wedding, in classically inspired form, existential-erotic themes with a liberal national idea, thereby soon after his death becoming an icon and the national poet of Slovenia.

History and Poetics of Intertextuality. Only if we approach the sonnet not as an expression of the poet’s conscious avoidance of spurious comparisons “false compare” or genuine praise of the unidealized, real woman, grille read intertextually, are we able to descry in it the poet’s search for identity, which takes place through esthetic grillte with epigonic erotic poetry full of worn metaphors.

Grilleh co na to? Pseudo-Hippokrates, List 13 [w: The epic tradition stands out among European literatures for its copying of older models. Rules for the Direction of the Natural Intelligence, red. Ale to inny rejestr tej poezji. Zuber wpisuje obu 20 E.

Abychmy w ten przekład pilnie weźrzeli

Alicja Bielak, Wojciech Kordyzon Because of its parasitic dependence on antecedents, comicalness, profanity, popularity, and ephemerality, in the nineteenth century it was assigned to popular or subculture status. Still and Worton, in their introduction to the collection Intertextuality: Pushkin channels Horace’s semantics into his own historical hic et nunc and he reveals the sense of his poetic creativity as a political resistance to tsarist absolutism and in his “national poet” self-image, which will inspire poetic descendants, beyond the bounds of Russian literature as well.

There are two main explanations for this see von Koppenfels ; Zima, Komparatistik Typical artworks of the time had their ideological starting points in the concept of the end of history and the belatedness of high art. For some scholars the word intertextuality only clouds phenomena long familiar in literary scholarship; they think that traditional notions, such as cento, parody, contrafact, pastiche Verweyen and Witting, “The Cento”or allusion, imitation, and source Goyet still provide more precise explanations, just as do other terms, for example hermeneutic or semiotic.


Palmer, Berlins. Mis translation and Mis interpretation: In view of all this it is not surprising that theorists contend that electronic hypertext, internet, and e-books embody many poststructuralist concepts — among them Bakhtin’s dialogism and polyphony and Julia Kristeva’s intertextuality Landow 1, 39; Allen These then can become starting points for paths of reception that lead to unforeseen targets, and to digressions on digressions lacking a dominant story.

A limited and instrumental grasp of the concept of intertextuality explains these sorts of critical positions. Swetoniusz Gaius Valerius Catullus zob. As in the Babylonian epic of Gilgamesh ca. I, D —C, s. In particular, it was supposed to be close to modern and postmodern ideas of heterogeneity and relativism, which critically undermined the traditional concepts of truth, the subject, structure, the sign, meaning, text, and literature see Orr 1.

It is the retelling of some known, usually classical verse or prose text, in which the original sense must be preserved, although expressed in other words; interpretation was often involved in such a new formulation of an older text’s contents.

History and Poetics of Intertextuality | Marko Juvan –

In old comedy, Menippean satire, and many other comic-parodic classical genres the freedom to trim and debunk well-known citations appeared to be especially extreme. The novel, especially the comic novel, unlike “new” and “old” burlesque, dismantled the traditional eminence of classical principles from without, from the position of a new, competing product on the literary scene.

Bloom, The Western Canon. These same forces of containment irritated ethical and political sensibilities. The prefix inter- suggests the linkage of at least two parts, the insinuation of one in the other and their relations, co-dependence, and mutual affect. Quintilian, for instance, defined argument as “omnis ad scribendum destinata materia. In this debate between the two most influential groups of non-official intellectuals, postmodernism as such — that is, as art and sensibility — lost its importance.

Anatomia melancholii odnotowuje stan powszechnej anomii. Seen from this point-of-view, intertextuality cannot compete with such longstanding notions as plot, metaphor, drama, trope or literature, yet after a mere thirty-six years it has shown itself not to be a theoretical fad and — as the examples I have given demonstrate — clearly is able to elucidate actual experiences with textuality. The latter is a poetic drama with a political subtext that obliquely, through the lens of a modernist- existentialist evocation of the myth Antigone actually never appears on stage and subtle irony criticizes the degradation of morality under a one-time communist regime in Slovenia.


The concept’s explanatory power has also been shown outside of literary studies: Translation in the Development of Literatures, red. Both meant a canvas that the imitator painted in order to satisfy the excess demand for works of well- known masters, heaping together the motifs of famous works, taking their techniques and borrowed or imitated material to arrive at an organized, new whole.

However, as in my other studies, my way of thinking is sympathetic towards some basic systemic principles, such as the constructedness of knowledge, meaning, and categories e.

The vital presence of alien discourse in a text was in those instances a part of anticipated meaning, stylistic, thematic, and esthetic effect. First they quite accurately quoted only apophtegms, gnomes, or sentences from Scriptures and patristic writings as wellmemorized them, included them in topics, and collected them in anthologies e.

The pleasure of the allusion is suggested by the very discursive constellation in which the author plays the role of the leading ally mapping the social space and determining scopes and uses of knowledge.

Szczerze panu powiem — wcale. After the dominance of expressive-mimetic art in the nineteenth century, citations are thrust into literary texts once again in a richer and more meaningful fashion grollet the wing of early twentieth-century modernist and avant-garde poetics Pound and Eliot’s Imagism, Mandelstam’s Acmeism, Dadaist and Surrealist collages, Balkan Zenithism, and so onwhen they become one of the constitutive esthetic or structural principles.

According to Compagnon, rationalism and printing also helped give birth to the modern meaning of the word citation Ashworth-Underwood, The Rebirth of Science [w: History and Poetics of Intertextuality genres such as comedy, parody, Menippean satire, burlesque, travesty or comic novel. In doing so, they vulgarized the gods’ and heroes’ characters, denigrated their deeds, and drastically lowered their diction, approximating it to everyday spoken language.

Owidiusz Publius Vergilius Maro zob. Kukulski, Warszawas. History and Poetics of Intertextuality writers used playfully or provocatively to contravene classical principles of decorum.

More precisely, she introduced the term in her essay on Mikhail Bakhtin and dialogue “Bakhtine, le mot, le dialogue et grillst roman”which grew out of her presentation in Barthes’s seminar in