We now proceed to the Samudrika-lakshana or chiromantic signs, good and bad, . It is laid down in the Shastras (scriptures) that the wise should never, under. Aug 8, Thread: ANGA LAKSHANA – Judging a Girl from her Features & Looks! . Samudrika Shastra is a Sanskrit term that translates roughly as. Mar 1, Samudrik Shastra: What Your Physical Appearance Says of Your ling’, Angalakshan describes very long penis will bring poor finances and.

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Partial Solar Eclipse is coming and here’s how it will affect your Zodiac Sign.

Samudrika Shastra – Decoding woman’s personality with Samudrika Shastra

Women who have redness around the end of the white part of their eyes are very fortunate and enjoy worldly pleasures. Ear Long with a round turn indicates children and happiness. The man whose Linga is thin and lean, will be very lucky; and the man whose Linga is short, will be a Rajah. We seldom meet in society with the reverse case, for ridicule always attaches to a man’s marrying a woman whose age greatly exceeds his own. Joint brows indicate quarrelling nature, over-ambitious and least regard healthy competition.

Raised with left turn is inauspicious. In this matter races greatly differ: Long sides denote birth of a Sandow Ribs Good luck will result if the portion covering ribs is smooth and fleshy Chest Even and without hair is lucky and auspicious.

shasttra Teeth Pearl white, even, 32, are lucky. The eighteenth is working willingly; for instance, not taking into consideration the sun and shade if the labourer be obliged to carry a parcel. Women with a broad forehead, just like a half moon with prominent veins are considered fortunate. Why is the Trimurti important in Hinduism? Mouth Round, smooth and with good odour are lucky signs. A girl whose soles bear the symbols of conch, wheel, lotus, flag, stout fish, is fit to be married by a King.


Flat nose denotes slavery; too small or too large a nose indicates quarrelsome nature. Sides of Stomach Well spread indicates many sons. Thirteenth, in an open place, such as a meadow or an upland.

Samudrika Shastra: These physical features in women reveal their true nature!

Every perfect hand and foot consists of five members, namely the Angushtha thumbthe Tarjani forefingerthe Madhyama middle-fingerthe Anamika ring-fingerand the Kanishthika little-finger.

If the skin appears to be even, smooth, without harsh samudrikx, then these are the signs of a girl destined to enjoy life fully.

There are five main types of human elements in terms of the Samudrika: Small and irregular in shape denote misery. So Seleucus, King of Syria, gave the fair Stratonike to his son, Antiochus, in order samudrioa save a life which was endangered by the violence of passion. The thirteenth is contentment with what the man has, if he can get no more. Ehastra only lucky indications are given, any indications other than that given is unlucky. Ninth, the wife of one who is shorter than herself.

Samudrikz, November 2, Face shows the character of men? Feet A girl whose feet are soft, smooth, well developed, warm, shining pink in colour, without much perspiration, will be enjoying full happiness befitting her sex. Hard shasrra deep without flesh are evil signs. And first of all the palmistry of the man. Eighth, in a fort or castle.


Splendid Divalgiri, or wall lights, should gleam around the wall, reflected by a hundred mirrors, whilst both man and woman should contend against any reserve, or false shame, giving themselves up in complete nakedness to unrestrained xnga, upon a high and handsome bedstead, raised on tall legs, furnished with many pillows, and covered by a rich chatra, or canopy; the sheets being besprinkled with flowers and the coverlet scented by burning luscious incense, such as aloes and sammudrika fragrant woods.

The following are the times when women are not to be enjoyed: You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Pressed in or unusually small indicates bad luck. It is laid down in the Shastras scriptures that the wise should never, under any circumstances, have connection with these twenty-three kinds of women, as well as with others, bearing any relationship to one.

If the space created between the curve of sole and floor is more than average, it indicates mediocre financial status. The consequences of carnal connection at such places are always disastrous; they breed misfortunes, and, if children are begotten, these angx out bad and malicious persons.

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