Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The lack of music as well as emotional depth mars Angel-Seeker – Kindle edition by Sharon Shinn. Download it. Angel-Seeker is a science fantasy novel by American writer Sharon Shinn, published in It is the fifth novel in the Samaria series. It is set shortly after. Angel-Seeker is the sequel to Sharon Shinn’s wonderful novel, Archangel. Shinn’s subsequent books in this series, Jovah’s Angel, The Alleluia.

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Mar 08, Juliana rated it did not like it Shelves: What advice would you give to an aspiring writer? Meanwhile, the title character, Elizabeth, becomes an angel-seeker – a woman who desires more than anything, to bear an angel child, and will do pretty much sbinn to further that goal.

Why do you write science fiction and fantasy? A lot of my favoritism towards this book is probably due to the fact that it sharin an issue I feel strongly about — women’s rights. And I won’t even go near the religious aspect because as clear as day, the way the Jansai are written may be openly offensive to a certain religion in our days.


Still I love the romance between her and Obediah. I love Shin I love coming back to the world of Samaria, and the fact that this book takes up the story of a beloved side character from the first novel Archangel and is set soon after the events of that novel is another reason I enjoyed this book so much. Anyway, this second romance dealt a lot with shinb politics around that kind of culture. Still it’s a nice story that shows that dreams don’t always come true the way you want.


Obviously, to a certain degree, Shinn found a formula and stuck with it. So while parts of it made my skin crawl, it did expand my horizons. Sweet Jovah singing, you can’t help but root for both of these girls!

Angel-Seeker (Samaria, book 5) by Sharon Shinn

Angel-Seeker follows Elizabeth as she learns to be a healer and discovers how misguided she has been, and Obadiah and Rebekah as they embark on an illicit affair that has disastrous repercussions. No matter the circumstances or the events, this is simply impossible. He rules with a strong hand, and is secretly committing genocide against the Jacobites, claiming their heresies threaten the land. She cares for her baby brother and does household tasks, but otherwise she has a good deal of unoccupied time.

Gabriel appoints his This novel was written much later but follows-on about 2 years after the events of Archangel – even though this is technically the fifth book, it works superbly as a stand-alone novel, and reads as if it were 2.

There are perhaps too many coincidences that are required to make things work out, but that is often the case in many books that have plotting that isn’t straightforward. Often in books like this, one storyline out shadows the other, but seemingly terminally single minded and heartless Elizabeth completely grew on me. May 04, FicusFan rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s this love story that makes me reread this book and grumblingly accept the black and white worldbuilding.

Rebekah’s whole situation, even without her secret affair with Obadiah, was incredibly stressful and frustrating.

Looking to return to her life of ease, she sets out to bear an angel child a rare, but highly sought after positionno matter the cost. She will not know him at all before the wedding, and after that she will be his chattel to do with what he will. When escape is offered to Rebekah she does not snatch at it; she loves her family, her home, her life is all that she knows and even her approachng wedding is something she accepts as her duty. I loved Rebekah, mainly.


But of course their attempts had to fail so that the helpless girl could be dramatically rescued. Other books in the series. Which life is right for Rebekah and how will she know? Again, Sharon Shinn knows how to write. It is only when she falls pregnant that she truly wakes.


The Archangel at this time, Bael, is cruel and harsh. It may take time for me shinb get back to you, but eventually I will! I never once thought Rebekah was making the wrong decisions, when it would be easy for anyone accustomed to the more modern freedoms to misunderstand them. He is sent by the Archangel Gabriel to go to Breven and deal with the Jansai.

Want to Read saving…. Music xhinn such a key part of your Samaria books. This one has a clever device that I found amusing.

Rachel and Gabriel are as beloved to me as any characters I’ve ever read.

I’m glad of the chance to listen. A new hold for the southern province of Jordana must be built to take its place. She has won the William C.