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Question 5 Is combustion with air the only chemistry intended atyour facility?

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An EPA Safety Alert showed a striking variability betweenMSDS data from four different suppliers for azinphos methyl, a pesti-cide involved in a violent explosion at an agricultural packaging facil-ity that killed three responding firefighters and seriously injured afourth EPA b. Rapid Guide to Chemical Incompatibilities.

Repackaging ExampleReferring to the questions in Chapter 3, Question 1 Is intentional chemis-try performed at your facility? Nofurther measures are required with regard to the failures considered. Therefore, mitigation techniques are typically tailored tospecific materials or classes of materials.

Due to the greatnumber of combustion systems in operation, many other resources areavailable for ensuring safe design and operation of the combustion part ofthe incinerator facility. Process hazards associated with a process need first of all to be identified and subsequentlyassessed in order to arrive at a process concept that gives due consideration to safety andenvironmental protection.

Getting from Policy to Practices: Intraplant TrainingAll affected personnel should be universally informed of the chemical reactiv-ity hazards at the facility. In the course of the analysis, it may be determined that more data arerequired in order to achieve the goals of the study. Thisobviously goes hand in hand with line management allocating sufficientresources to make fulfillment of the responsibilities possible, and equip-ping the responsible persons with the information and training needed todo their jobs safely.


II b Monitoring of the speed of the agitator, SIS- and monitoring of the agitator motor, EIS- diverse redundancy The before-mentioned measures do not change the parameters for normal operation, so thatiterative assessment of the normal operation see case 2 and case 1 is not required. Some actions may be taken immediatelyupon notification of a problem, deficiency, or uncontrolled hazard, whileother actions may be longer term and require action planning CCPS However, itshould be noted that the company programs on the CD-ROM are for facili-ties practicing intentional chemistry which, as noted in Section 3.

Is combustion with air the onlychemistry intended? The authority having jurisdiction, which initiated the preparation of this guideline, andauthor s assume no liabilities with respect to the multiplication or reproduction of this guideline.

The person, team, or adhoc committee who is initially facilitating the setting up of the manage-ment system should begin preparations by gaining an understanding ofthe basic principles and priorities of chemical reactivity hazards. Training methods should be selected which build familiarity with facil-ities, equipment and operational tasks as well as an understanding of thechemical reactivity hazards involved.

Examples of other deviations thatare typically encountered in reactive systems involving intentional chemis-try include: Furthermore the reaction equations provide information aboutintermediates, byproducts and possible gaseous products.


If such flows were notpreviously anticipated in the design of the system, then the reliefvalve design basis must be updated, and the valve re-specifiedaccordingly. Best for analyzing whattype of processes?

ABB Switchgear Manual,10E – Free Download PDF

Organizations may have an existing policy anlge can be modified toincorporate the above concepts. Hazardous Chemicals Data, Edition, Amended However, aanlage is quiteeasy to pass off some informa-tion as being common senseor as too obvious to requireformal communication ortraining. Data, Assessment Criteria, Measures.

Ofcourse, the more that is known about the facility and its equipment andoperation, the more detailed the risk assessment can be. Audits provide management with a toolfor measuring facility performance.

Acetone from leakingbottle contacts papermaterial in feederNofeeder isenclosed andabove ambienttemperatureNR Acetone not reactive with papermaterial by common experience;feeder is hot but belowautoignition temperatures; sealshould prevent flashback2.

This can happen for example when materials and mixtures of materials are stored for longer periods of timeand for very large inventories.

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Supervision, personnel selection, training and scheduling poli-cies are all aspects of administrative controls. Inten-tional chemistry is also likely being practiced in the waste treatmentfacility.

Safe Operating LimitsWhatever risk reduction methods or technologies are applied, the netresult will be a system that must be operated within certain limits. Members of top managementmay not intuitively understand the details of reactive chemistry.