More examples and tutorials are available in other pages. We also have a trouble -shooting page, where there are some tips on how to use antechamber. Amber 10 Tutorial antechamber: strange molecules get parameter files antechamber & leap • antechamber is predominantly a file converter. However, it can be. This section of the tutorial introduces the AMBER programs/tools necessary to set -up the input files .. Let’s try using antechamber on our file.

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The next step if xntechamber heat the RT-Sustiva complex. Note, we use the restrt file from the second stage of our minimization since this contains the final minimized structure. We also use this as the reference structure with which to restrain the protein to:. The resulting topology file, 1cgh-water-box. Since we can expect a large disturbance in charge distribution on a Serine after phosphorilation we will define it as a separate residue SEP in our case — SErine Phosphorilated.

In this way, we would obtain the entropy corresponding to each frame, and from there the average. At last, we may load prepin and frcmod files as well as other files such as pdb file of a protein etc to LEaP, add count ions and water and generate topology files for sander and other AMBER programs.

A problem is that atom names in our SEP residue do not correspond to those in the original pdb.

Our final structure looks like this pph-for-resp. Then one needs to point cursor to the carbon atoms to be changed and left-click:.

Tutorial & Examples

In order to extract frames from the previous simulation, we can use the Ptraj utility, that comes in AmberTools. We can use the utility parmchk to test if all the parameters we require are available. If antechamber can’t empirically calculate a value or has no analogy it will either add a default value that it thinks is reasonable or alternatively insert a place holder with zeros everywhere and the comment “ATTN: We are generating random initial velocities from a Boltzman distribution and only read in the coordinates from the inpcrd.


It is a cpp program that reads in an ac or mol2 file and assign bond types single 1double 2triple 3aromatic single 7aromatic double 8delocalized 9 and conjugated 6. To run antichamber, we need make sure these three programs are available, antechamber, parmchk and tleap and we are using the correct version of amber, we can use the which command, type command:. Pay attention to the names of your directories and files.

In this case we will restrain the DNA with a force constant of 10 angstroms. Espgen reads in a gaussian 92,94,98,03 output file and extract the electrostatic potential information and output a esp file to be read by resp program. This number will represent the entropy of the microstate. You can run this yourself if you want or alternatively you can just use the output files provided in the links above.

This will contain missing or all forcefields that are needed for you system. To execute the first Ptraj analysis, run the following command specifying the input file ptraj. Before we can successfully load our modified pdb file into XLeap we need to tell it what our three non-standard units are.


These files are not deleted by default since they may be of interest if things tjtorial work correctly. We will need to use the Sustiva library file sus. As you can see this file contains the 3 dimensional structure of our sustiva molecule as well as the charge on each atom, final column, the atom number column 1its name column 2 and it’s tuhorial type column 6. Checking for angle parameters.

AMBER tutorial with HIV Protease – Rizzo_Lab

Then one needs to point cursor to the carbon atoms to be changed and left-click: But it’s easy to calculate this probability, if we think that we are constructing this three points in space, and we use the correct assumption that these atoms don’t have any preference with respect to their location, other than respecting the correct relations between them e.


Finally, lets take a look at the density, we expect this to mirror the volume. The numbers 1 1 give the input information about which frames are being used for Ptraj. As a result the use of NMR restraints is no longer necessary. Notice that on the left there is no detailed information given. Count a total charge charge PPH So, we need to add a charge We shall fix it:.

For example, if you want to change one protein residue to another one, you may just keep the mainchain atoms in a pdb file tutoroal read in the prep input file of the residue you wanted, crdgrow will generate the coordinates of the missing atoms.

Use the following script, entitled get. It will also generate a series of intermediate files all in capital letters.

Initial simulation:

Parmchk reads in an ac file or a prep input file or a mol2 file as well as a force field file gaff. Create these directories first before doing anything else. With this, we are ready to proceed to the analysis of the results. First, you may convert your file to a gaussian input file gcrt or gzmat or mopac input file mopcrt, mopintthen convert it back. They are used to show how the charges of the atoms were found via quantum mechanics.

We also have titorial trouble-shooting page, where there are some tips on how to antecnamber antechamber programs efficiently and properly. In other words this is the first stage of our molecular dynamics.