Penetrator. by Anthony Neilson. Short Play / 3m. “This superbly crafted play thrusts in the male psyche with a rigour and insight which is by turns hilarious and. Sentimentalism then, if this is what sentimentalism is, seeps into Penetrator, Phil Croft’s revival of Anthony Neilson’s ‘in-yer-face’ drama – a. “Anthony Neilson’s superbly crafted play thrusts into the male pysche with a rigour and insight which is by turns hilarious and horrific but always compulsive” .

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At some point something like a conventional rehearsal must have taken place – lines learned, moves organised – but I never saw it.

Penetrator – Exeunt Magazine

Ever since, we have circled each other amiably, two playwrights on similar trajectories – but Anthony always implies that I’ve sold out. She was dismissed as a sulky, posy youth, but then when she killed herself, it was realised that she really meant it.

One, dressed as Father Christmas, was tenderly practising anal sex with the other, who was dressed as the fairy at the top of the Christmas tree. Penetrator by Anthony Neilson. We don’t need the theater to tell us that the human psyche – especially the male version – is a fragile thing, nor do we need to hold yet another mirror up to nature epnetrator know that war is both an internal and an external hell.


It was clearly not ready.

Penetrator – Drama Online

It is easily the toughest. Enter your email address below to get an occasional email with Exeunt updates and featured articles. Neilson was sprawled on the floor, drinking beer and chatting with the two actors. Stage managing nathony the Edinburgh festival.

The Guardian’s photographer calls for us to get closer still. Other than the exploration of crude male fantasises and repressed homosexual feelings that show difference only in the way in which they find expression and outlet, is there anything else this play can give?

Anthony Neilson is one of our most confrontational and frequently controversial playwrights, whose work — as well as manner of working — sometimes infuriates as much as it provokes. Jane Doe 6 Sep Tough yet effective look at the culture of violence against women.

And so should you. Traverse Theater Edinburgh, Scotland in Still the same Anthony – affection and aggression all rolled up together.

Male 3Female 0Neutral 0. Omega 29 Aug Clown presses alt delete. My influences are more likely to be cinematic than theatrical, but I try to let people in my life be my influence in my work.

How to fill out the perfect UCAS application for a drama course. The audience had the disturbing feeling of being allowed into a private moment. But there’s terrible, crippling awful lows to it.

I’ll say ‘All right? I got kind of dragged into her world. Neilson is keen not to suggest that it is a direct attempt to stage mental illness. Refresh and neipson again.


There’s a huge joy in it. No trivia or quizzes yet.

‘I want to stay pure’

Tadge has been to war, but has escaped. But we have to acknowledge that people resist taking the medicine.

When their old mate Tadge enters. Post ahthony comment Enter email and password: What do you wish someone had told you when you were starting out? The two drink cups of tea and trade barbs, with Penetdator admonishing Max’s casual misogyny and general cynicism. Tristram Kenton That includes the process of writing plays, which he is at pains to point out is itself a painful process.

It is the kind of danger that will not quite, here at least, fulfil itself on stage. I knew the play had a provocative structure and had my reasoning for it, but I felt my intentions were honourable as far as it went. This is more like The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland, something that might be analogous to mental illness.

We are not only living longer, but endings are not what they were to us. But as a writer there’s not the money on the fringe and – if I’m honest – the prestige. Neilson works in a more extreme way, gradually building up the play during rehearsals.