Canon imageRunner printers are compatible with AS/ Printing from the iSeries does not require IPDS compatibility. HTP is a function / license program for the AS/, which allows SCS print data, This function is not available for the printer language IPDS (Intelligent Printer. One of our programmers came to me and asked if I could set up one of our printers as an IPDS printer so that he could print bar codes. I haven’t.

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Easy to install and use, includes I-O’s Configuration Utility software. Also supports standard Host printing using SCS protocol. Configuration is made easy through the use of a tl utility.

AS/400 Printer Installation under Operating System OS/400.

This website uses cookies. Check here to start a new keyword search. Attached to a network, the e supports high-speed, high performance PCL compatible network attached printers. This parameter only applies to the following printers: This is the recommended port selection for receiving IPDS jobs.

You can do these and more with a mapping program:. All important, respectively configurable parameters are marked orange and bold. See also [ edit ] MO: The blank pages assure that the printer output is placed into the output stacker in a manner suitable for bursting.

Specifies the model from the IBM model line, e. Infoprint Server for iSeries: Printers do not need to be directly attached or physically next to the e Gateway.

Here are some links to several companies: The activation timer refers to the amount of time to wait for the LAN-attached printer device to respond. The Adaptio Gateway takes advantage of high-speed, high-performance printers. TYPE Device model: This minimizes data transfers, especially when printing multiple spooled files that reference the same resources.


Refer to the IPDS User’s Guide for detailed instructions on using the control panel to select and change option settings. The system knows the hardware and can, in case of a failure, e. The Adaptio Gateway provides bi-directional communication between the printer and the IBM host, allowing error reporting and page range printing.

Supports up to 10 Network Attached Printers. The port timeout can be set through the control panel on the printer.

Host controlled printingincluding error reporting, page range printing etc. This parameter is available as of V5R1 operating system.

IBM Configuring a *LAN IPDS Device Description – United States

The following suggestions are intended to make this transition smooth and different roles in its success. Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you. IPDS carries data and instructions from the print server to the printer in structured fields. Host controlled printingas4400 error reporting, page range printing etc. Timeout value in sec. The e Gateway provides a bi-directional communication ipdds the host and the printer, via port and PJL commands.

Generate a PDF file and spool it. Intelligent routing is controlled by values in a PSF configuration object and a mapping program. You are now ready to print. Resolving The Problem Note: It provides an attachment-independent interface for controlling and managing all points addressable APA printers that allows the presentation of pages containing an architecturally unlimited mixture of different data types, including text, image, graphics, bar code, and object container.


If a value is made available, a PTF cover letter will contain the required syntax for this parameter.

After calling this command, pressing keys F9 and F10 shows the following Configuration Menu. Length—Lines per page Older device using port Intelligent routing is the ability to take the entire iods file or any segment of the input spooled file and do any combination of these:.

Therefor, print jobs coming out of a remote queue, are lost in case of a failure, e. United States English English. PORT Physical attachment: This includes the following printer models: What kind of connection is possible only with additional products from third-party manufacturers Additional products hardware or software components from third-party manufacturers are idps, whenever data have to be printed via IPDS.

High Speed Printing, up to ppm. Document information More support for: Another CPI density e. Give the printer a device name of your choice.

IBM Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS)

This PTF was released on October 26, The recommended Host Resolution setting is “Auto”. The commands for starting and stopping are the same for a described printer or a Remote Queue: Click here for more information on the e Print Server Gateway. Set the IO Timeout or Job Timeout to seconds 5 minutes and set the Idle Timeout to somewhere between seconds 15 minutes and ipss 1 hour.