30 products Find ASTM C products and abstract using the BuildSite database. Get the right product for the spec. Cement Grout (Nonshrink). • ASTM C Standard Test Method for Flow of Hydraulic Cement. Mortar. • ASTM E Standard Test Methods for Strength of. ASTM C/CM: Standard Specification for Packaged Dry, Hydraulic- Cement Grout (Nonshrink).

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C does not address bleeding. A good rule of thumb is an over design factor of 1. Certified independent test data required. For example, a product that is non-shrink at 20 degrees C 70 degrees F may not be at 32 degrees C 90 degrees F. Is it possible to improve your non-shrink grout specification and lower your in-place grout cost?

Their function is three fold: The performance requirements of the specimens are presented in details. The grout is tested at the manufacturer’s maximum allowed water-to-dry solids ratio and is rated as plastic, flowable, or fluid.

Mixer for grout performance qualifications shall be clean, pre-wetted, and drained and essentially free of hardened mortar and other foreign c110 that can be removed with a trowel or by reasonably striking with a hammer. Use on a local area network or other network is not permitted.


Determine the yield of the grout using the mL cylindrical measure described. Distribution of the PDF is not permitted. For smaller quantities of grout, the mortar-mixing apparatus shall be as specified.

Concrete News: ASTM C

Work Item s – proposed revisions of this standard. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard.

Specifying a grout material to comply with the most stringent requirements for fluid consistency, working time, and temperature range reduces potential problems on projects that experience those extremes.

C1170 smaller quantities of grout, the mortar-mixing apparatus shall be as specified. This specification covers packaged dry, hydraulic cement grout nonshrink intended for use under applied load where a change in height below initial placement height is to be avoided.

C classifies grouts into three categories: Consistency testing shall be performed on the grout asmt.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. All trademarks shown are the intellectual properties of their respective owners. Combining values from the two systems may result in non-conformance with the standard. This option is mobile friendly and compatible with all devices, including mobile tablets and smart phones.


ASTM C-1107

However, even the best grouts may fail if not installed correctly. X1107 grout with very narrow limits may comply with C, but such narrow parameters could result in failure.

In addition to a good specification and an excellent product, the proper preparation, placement and protection of these materials is critical. Thirty-minute-old grout shall flow through the flow cone after slight agitation, in temperatures of 4 degrees C 40 degrees F to 32 degrees C 90 degrees F.

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They require only the addition of mixing water for use. Does the grout shrink in 28 days?

This would require the non-shrink grout to have compressive strength in the to psi range. The higher expansion allowed for Grade Awtm grouts can result in lower compressive strengths and may not compensate for long-term drying shrinkage.

Grout mixtures shall be produced using the conditions prescribed. Most specifications require higher strength.