This standard is issued under the fixed designation D ; the number 1 This test method is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D on Textiles. Jan 1, Buy ASTM D R TEST METHOD FOR TEARING STRENGTH OF FABRICS BY FALLING-PENDULUM (ELMENDORF-TYPE). The ASTM D Elmendorf based tear test is the most popular test for measuring the tearing strength of most fabrics. The Elmendorf test testing machine uses.

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Summary of Test Method 4. The machine is setup to provide this tearing energy information in grams-force. Your comments are invited d14424 for revision of this standard or for additional standards and should be addressed to ASTM International Headquarters.

When the knife is determined to be dull, sharpen it with a rough stone, alternately, continuing specimen knife cuts, until no V-notch is observed. Generally the bulk of the calibrated mass faces downward.

ASTM D Tearing Strength of Fabrics by Falling-Pendulum (Elmendorf-Type) Apparatus_百度文库

ASTM D seam str See Test Methods D and D When equipped, be careful not to disturb the position of the pointer. One of asm variables in Elmendorf tear testing is the orientation of the fabric. Consider the rolls or pieces of fabric to be the primary sampling units.

It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

The pointer, or when equipped, the digital readout should read 50 6 0. Recheck zero and readjust the pointer stop if necessary.

ASTM D1424 Tearing Strength of Fabrics by Falling-Pendulum Type (Elmendorf) Apparatus

NOTE 3—The reading obtained is directly proportional to the length of the material torn, therefore, it is essential that the specimen be prepared to the exact size speci? The components of variance for Elmendorf tear strength expressed as standard deviations were calculated to be the values listed in Table 3.


Catch the pendulum just after the threshold of its backward swing and return it to its locked starting position. It is pre-notched with a Ensure the clamps are spaced as directed in A1. NOTE 7—The tabulated values of the critical differences should be considered to be a general statement, particularly with respect to betweenlaboratory precision.

The pointer, or when equipped, the digital readout should read For fabrics not readily wet out with water, such as those treated with waterrepellent, or water aastm materials, add a 0. MFY Leak Tester is used to look for pin holes in bags that hold calibration solutions for medical instruments.

In any event, do not change the level of the instrument to adjust the zero. The last approved version of this historical standard is referenced on www. When the pendulum comes to rest, the positioning line at the center of the pendulum should be directly above the edge of the pendulum stop.

For rolls of fabric, take a sample that will exclude fabric from the outer wrap of the roll or the inner wrap around the core of the roll of fabric. Larger differences are likely to occur under all other circumstances.

If zero is not registered, the pointer stop should be adjusted until the zero reading is obtained, otherwise service as directed in Annex A1. It is not suited for the course direction of warp knit fabrics or either direction of most other knitted fabrics.


In other cases, the procedure outlined in A2. Visually check the alignment of the clamps. Preferably the clamps may be air actuated, but manual clamping is permitted. Perform the test within 2 min after removal of the specimen from the water.

Apparatus is commercially available.

ASTM D Tearing Strength of Fabrics by Falling-Pendulum Type (Elmendorf) Apparatus

The square roots of the components of variance are being reported to express the variability in the appropriate units of measure rather than as the squares of those units of measure. The resistance to tearing is in part factored into the scale reading of the instrument and is computed from this reading and the pendulum capacity. If zero is not registered, adjust the pointer stop until the zero reading is obtained.

Verify this by holding down the pendulum stop and allowing the pendulum to swing free. Link to Active This link will always route to astn current Active version of the standard.

Align, if necessary, by turning the leveling thumb screw at the left end of the tester base. Four of the eight specimens were tested on one day and four specimens were tested aatm a second day.

If a bias is found, either its cause must be found and corrected or the purchaser and the supplier must agree to interpret future test results with consideration to the known bias. Record values as read from the direct reading scale to the nearest mN gf.