Astral Buoyancy – Aquavest – L/XL – M. Astral CG Approve PFD for Sailing, Paddling, Rowing – Never Used. Astral; Size: ADULT M/L: CHEST 38″”. [color=#FF]Why have they stopped making this jacket? Just wondering if anyone knows the reason. Mine is getting a bit long in the tooth. a little belay loop under the front pouch which is not agood idea to use. I have one and probably should just cut it off. otherwise it’s a great vest.

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My favourite innovation is the zipper pouch that holds the pig-tail, cow-tail, monkey-tail, whatever you want to call it. Decisions, decisions because I was very happy with my Astral Yeah, use the quick release instead if you do need to clip in.

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Matt, I would love aquwvest have a Ronin, but the problem is that here it costs half of the minimum salary. Will do — I should know something this week. Check out a few other pfd recommendations below or explore all pfds to find the perfect one for you!

Similar PFDs for You: Downside is it can be a pain to pull a vest over your head to put it on – tho’ it hasn’t bothered me much yet.

However, the green jacket is better on every other aspect imo. It does have a few big changes, other than the shape. asrtal


Astral Aquavest R | General Paddling

You might have some issues if that happens. AdrianTregoning Offline Moderator Posts: Alternately, email Bryan Owen at Astral and get his opinion.

This Product Has Been Discontinued. The plastic only covers a few inches of the ribs and seems to serve mostly as part of the adjustment mechanism of the straps.

I like the fit and really appreciate the cow-tail holder, and the QR asgral. I did track down a way to buy them from the rep. Hi all, i have read several back posts about the aquavest. Aastral, Are you offering a discount on your R for a correct guess where the picture was taken of the Aquavest set up in belay mode… upper Otter in Roxbury, NH along route 9.

The 3000 is necessary to the smooth adjustment of the jacket’s size but you would have to be pretty lucky to have it protect your ribs. It takes so much time and effort and money to get a new model in production and it had many fans like me it doesn’t make economical sense to have sacked it, not to me anyway.

Buoyancy Aquavest 300 PFD

Keep me in mind when you go to sell your R This is done by turning it upside down and stepping into it. A while back, Bridog wrote a good reivew of the various rescue vests — you can chec it out here: Good side impact protection built in, spinal protection good where the vest covers but it doesn’t cover very high up the spine – a protection trade-off to mobility.


There is no longer a pocket on the sleeve. Every time you put on the Aquavest you have to tighten four separate straps and every time you take it off you have to loosen these four straps.

Astral Aquavest Limited Ed. 6 PFD | My Style | Pinterest | Kayaking gear, Rafting and Kayaking

I have paddled with a good amount of people, and most seem to have the or GJ. Join Join Paddling Perks. If you notice any copyright violations, please let the editors know through the contact form and they will take appropriate action immediately.

Had a great time that day! The overall construction is rugged with obviously high-quality stitching and fabric.

I decided on the small because it fit me a little closer, but the large probably would have been fine. Welcome Log Out Log In. More infor here www.

I am sure this will come in handy a few times in the future. Overall, the jacket is well constructed and comfortable if cumbersome to get in and out of.