Astral Buoyancy – Aquavest – L/XL – M. Astral CG Approve PFD for Sailing, Paddling, Rowing – Never Used. Astral; Size: ADULT M/L: CHEST 38″”. [color=#FF]Why have they stopped making this jacket? Just wondering if anyone knows the reason. Mine is getting a bit long in the tooth. a little belay loop under the front pouch which is not agood idea to use. I have one and probably should just cut it off. otherwise it’s a great vest.

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Discover Cool Aqhavest Gear. Pull-over design is very secure and allows for the large main pocket and doesn’t require re-threading the rescue harness every time you don the vest. Great way to get in shape for the creeking season!

Buoyancy Aquavest PFD Reviews – Astral | Buyers’… |

I have one and probably should just cut it off. Great mobility and comfort. Matt, I would love to have a Ronin, but the problem is that here it costs half of the minimum salary. Most Users Ever Online: Minimum search word length is 3 characters – maximum search word length is 84 characters. There is no longer a pocket on the sleeve. Profish Lite Viking Kayaks. Shoot me an Email at [mail address protected from spambots with javascript] with your size and I will see if I got what you need.

  ASTM D4226 PDF

If you notice any copyright violations, please let the editors know through the contact form and they will take appropriate action immediately. It is very low profile and incorporates many well-constructed safety features.

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The Descent is also running about a half size small. My favourite innovation is the zipper pouch that holds the pig-tail, cow-tail, monkey-tail, whatever you want to call it. It does have a aquaest big changes, other than the shape. Wonder what size I’d go for Our height and weight when choosing a kayak.

I did track down a way to buy them from the rep. Right, not much different except price wise. More infor here www. This Product Has Been Discontinued. The overall construction is rugged with obviously high-quality stitching and fabric.

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Please consider registering Guest. Does anyone knows if this problem will be fixed with Kokotat ronin pro?? What is the HZ Serpent that you are talking about? Decisions, decisions because I was very happy with my Astral The plastic is necessary to the smooth adjustment of the jacket’s size but you would have to be pretty lucky to have it protect your ribs.


Overall, the jacket is well constructed and comfortable if cumbersome to squavest in and out of. Do you know what size does it go up to? You can see pics of the Hf Serpent here: I have never had a problem with it riding up, and it never gets in the way.

Buoyancy Aquavest 300 PFD

Haavard Offline Grom Boarder. Thanks for the info and the link. Good side impact protection built in, spinal sstral good where the vest covers but it doesn’t cover very high up the spine – a protection trade-off to mobility.

I really thought it would be “the one. I’m 6′, lbs with a 34″ waist and a 46” chest. The plastic only covers a few inches of the ribs and seems to serve mostly as part of the adjustment mechanism of the straps. What happens if you end up in the water with your PFD down around your ankles?

I have used it in a touring kayak and WW kayak several times. Pity it was replaced.