” TIP CAS. I ca IN ICAO. PвKE. | 39A. LM CR3 |. 3 A4. | IN 1 tci +. CI01 +. R8. 3 K. 10v. SCRI I. Astron Observations. Longevity. Family of RS supplies – all the same design Astron RSM Astron is inconsistent – some do, and some don’t. Don’t rely on . Here is an annotated schematic of the Astron RSM detailing the workings of the various parts of the Astron circuit. The annotations were originally written in.

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The basic design is very old, simple, well-proven, rugged and easy to service. This unit has a “Low Voltage Disconnect” built in but it’s set to drop out at 18 volts.

Powered by SMF 1. The negative side is common. I have seen this happen with a substation where we have this gigantic buried ground mesh. As for illuminating the meter, that is a piece of cake.

Astron Power Supply Index Page

I also thought maybe my meter lights were burned out, as some have noted, but on further searching found that since my unit has a fixed power cord, it’s likely older and never had meter illumination. Check aston other schematics if you can’t read the one for your particular supply as they’re very similar. These factors also allow some repeater owners to know the most vulnerable points in the design of common power supplies.

I’m thinking maybe the Astron should be set that way too if iCOM designed their “system” that way. Mamual else gets replaced with a completely different design. See the comments in the battery backup section above concerning this particular supply. Astron Linear Supply Battery Ds-35a Modifications All the schematics and modifications necessary to add a battery backup to your Astron linear power supply.

  ASTM D3276 07 PDF

Usually this would be much more pronounced on instrumentation loops industrial control with pressure transmitters operating off of a mA current loop for example.

A look at the Astron RS-35A

Just remember to print the page and leave a copy inside the case so the next guy will know what the little circuit on the piece of perfboard is for. Send them to the maintainer listed at the top of this page you will be credited unless you tell us not to.

Ds-35a problem had been there for years but it was due to a fault in the way the substation was designed.

A conversion list of Motorola to Astron model numbers can be found here. Open the supply after first disconnecting AC power and allowing for DC voltage to bleed down. A trailing “BB” indicates the Battery Backup option. When you wstron a transient lightning, fault, normal device switching it can behave in difficult to predict ways.

This Astron uses a large heatsink with no fan. The right side heatsink has the fan thermostat mounted to it.

Astron VS-35M Variable DC Power Supply gets an upgraded MOSFET over-voltage circuit

Each heatsink has a thermostat, the left side heatsink has a normally closed 50 degree C thermostat for the AC input – don’t bother it. The job they did on stripping insulation and mmanual is ugly. Sorry I just had to. The meters he bought were a type rs-35w required an isolated power source for the ammeter, and the article includes a schematic and photo of the isolated 5vDC source that he build on perfboard.


N5PA Website – RSA Power Supply

The Astron model numbers include their peak current rating. The voltage charts on most of the schematics follow this scheme.

re-35a Checked earth safety ground to chassis resistance: Any supply could have meters added, if they’ll fit on the front panel. July 30, Current foldback may also occur earlier at these lower voltage ratings, so beware.

If you don’t find the schematic for your Astron below, then we were not given it. You get much less current at a lower voltage. Replacing or Adding Digital Meters to Astron Crowbar SCRs wstron Astron Yellow wires are from transformer secondary. The absolute maximum current where foldback limiting occurs is usually 10 to 30 percent above the peak current rating.

A trailing “R” seems to be used for power supplies that were sold with a chassis that could accept a mobile radio, usually only found on the SL-series. But this means that the line-cord on the power supply is also acting as the safety bond for the device I will say computer, instead aastron radio.

It ended up being in one ground conductor that was not bonded correctly,it was a MCM astrn that had 6 volts at amps running through it.