related portals: Islam. al-ʿAqīdah aṭ-Ṭaḥāwiyya or “The Fundamentals of Islamic Creed by the Imām aṭ-Ṭaḥāwī” is a single unifying treatise. Al-‘Aqidat at-Tahawiyyah – Kindle edition by Imam Abu Ja’far Ahmad ibn Muhammad at-Tahawi, Tahir Mahmood Kiani. Download it once and read it on your. Al-‘Aqidah at-Tahawiyyah (Arabic Edition) [Abu Jafar At-Tahawi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Al-‘Aqidah at-Tahawiyya is a popular.

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Everyone is cased to what he was created for and it is the action with which a tagawiyyah life is sealed which dictates his fate.

He sent it down on His Messenger as revelation. We love the people of justice and trustworthiness, and hate the people of injustice and treachery.

This is because All a h is the Protector of those who properly know Him and will not treat them in the Next World in the same way as He treats those who deny Him and who are bereft of His guidance and have failed to obtain His protection.

Views Read Edit View history. Al-Shifa’ah, the intercession, which is stored up for Muslimsis true, as related in the consistent and confirmed Ahadith. We do not delve into that with baseless interpretation according to our own opinions or deluding ourselves by unsound inclinations. Pilgrimage H ajj and struggle under the leadership of those in charge of the Muslims, whether they are right or wrong-acting, are continuing obligations until the Last Hour comes.

Aqidah al-Tahawiyyah

Delving into it and reflecting too much about it only leads to destruction and deprivation, tahawiyywh results in tyranny. And we are certain that Muhammad may Allah bless him and grant him peace is His chosen servant and selected Prophet and His Messenger with whom He is well pleased.

What All a h creates is always a decreed destiny”. We tahawjyyah that obedience to them is part of obedience to All a hthe Glorified, and therefore obligatory as long as they do not order to commit sins.

Al-Aqidah al-Tahawiyyah – Wikipedia

We call the people of our qiblah Muslims and believers as long as they acknowledge what the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, brought, and accept as true everything that tauawiyyah said and told us about. Everybody acts in accordance with what is destined for him and goes towards what he has been created for. Scholars and Waliyys The learned men of the first Salaf -community and those who followed in their footsteps — the people of virtue, the narrators of the religious texts, the jurists and analysts- they must only be spoken about in the best way and anyone who says anything bad about them is not on the right path.


The Qur’an is the word of Allah. We do not accept as true what soothsayers and fortune-tellers say, nor do we accept the claims of those who affirm anything which goes against the Book, the Sunnah tahaaiyyah the consensus of the Muslim Ummah. We agree that holding together is the true and right path and that separation is deviation and torment. Anyone who does not guard himself against negating the attributes of Allah, or likening Allah to something else, has gone astray and has failed lo understand Allah’s Glory, because our lord, the Glorified and the Exalted, can only possibly be described in terms of Oneness and Absolute Singularity and no creation is in any zt like Him.

The Speech of All a h is not created and is different from the creations’, hence it is not a language or a letter tahawijyah a sound. It is this type of capability which is the object of the dictates of Shariah.

Sharh al-Aqeedah at-Tahawiyyah

The only will that people have is what He will s f or them. Clean Sharh al-Aqeedah at-Tahawiyyah – Tape 3.

He was always the Lord even when there was nothing to be Lord of, and always the Creator even when there was no creation. He ordered them to obey Him and forbade them to disobey Him. And if all created beings were to gather together to make something exist which Allah had not written on it, they would not be able to do so.

All the complete believers are Waliyys of All a h and the noblest of them in the sight of All a h are those who are the most obedient and who most closely follow the Qur’ a n. Allah, the Exalted, has only charged people with what they are able to do and people are only capable to do what Allah has favoured them. There is only one religion of Allah in the heavens and the earth and that is the religion of Islam.

In the same way that He is the ‘Bringer to life tahaiwyyah the dead’, after He has brought them lo life a first time, and deserves this name before bringing them to life, so too He deserves the name tahawiyya ‘Creator’ before He has created them.

We agree with doing the prayer behind any of the people of the qiblah whether right-acting or wrong-acting, and doing the funeral prayer over any of them when they die.


He creates without His being in need to do so and provides for His creation without any effort. The Qur’ a n descended from Him but be certain the Speech of All a h is without a manner of being[10].

We believe in the angels, and the Prophets, and the books which were revealed to the messengers, and we bear witness that they were all following the manifest Truth.

We agree with wet wiping over att foot gear khuff whether on a journey or in dwelling places, just as has come in the religious reports.

Aqidah al-Tahawiyyah – Wikisource, the free online library

The capability at the time of performing a deed such as at-Tawf i q the enabling of one, by All a h, to do acts of obedience and have a good ending cannot be ascribed to a created being, rather it is integral with action and is created by All a h at the time of encountering the deed. We do not accept as true what soothsayers and fortune-tellers say, nor do we accept the claims of those who affirm anything which goes against the Book, the Sunnah and the consensus of the Muslim Ummah.

We do not consider any of the people of our qiblah to he unbelievers because of any wrong action they have done, as long as they do not consider that action to have been lawful. We agree tahawityah wiping over leather socks in Wudu whether on a journey or otherwise, just as has come in the consistent and confirmed ahadith.

Anyone who speaks well of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and his tahxwiyyah and offspring, who are all pure and untainted by any impurity, is free from the accusation of hypocrisy. His Angels, His Tahawityah, His Messengers, the Last Day, and belief that the destiny[29] — both the good of it and the evil of it, the sweet of it and the bitter or it — is all from All a h. And Qira’at al-Kitab, reading the book, and the reward or punishments and in al-Sirat the Bridge and al-Mizan the Balance.

He will he subject to whisperings and find himself confused and full of doubt, being neither an accepting believer nor a denying rejector. Nothing can annul or controvert them. Clean Sharh al-Aqeedah at-Tahawiyyah – Tape 2.