Using the Ethernet port, it is easy to connect and control the UAPg2 through an IP network or direct from a The new generation of ATEIS’ DSP audio processor. Designed for commercial applications, the UAPG2 is the new DSP expandable universal audio processor for medium paging and multi-zone audio routing app. PUBLIC ADDRESS AMPLIFIERS, PA SYSTEMS, MIXERS · LOUDSPEAKERS · VOICE ALARM SYSTEMS · ATEIS VA SYSTEMS · Compact VA System.

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Each user is protected by password. The PPMTouch provides 30 programmable keys. Stackable up-to 12 units inputs can be selected in blocks of four 0 in – 16 out, 4 in – 12 out, etc.

Open the LAPg2 software 2. All in ateid of easiest-to-use software packages on the market today. Each category has 4 different feedback it is only the number of filter 4, 8 12 or 16 that the feedback will use.

ATEIS UAPg2 User Manual

Depending on your system, this operation takes time. M signal depending on the ambient noise detected on the sensing microphone. Now you can lock the system by clicking on To unlock, click on the button and type the password.

Slave RS B Pin 2. Notch it to active the Uaph2 output channel.

Event Management Opens the Event Management window floating window Here you can add, define, select or clear some events. Select which gong you want to use. Page – Connection example for several PPM with When all the settings are Ok, the PPM is ready to be used like any other kind of input sources. The free-form ‘drag-and-drop’ software offers all the power you need to create virtually any design.

  A320 POH PDF

With its powerful audio digital signal processing, the UAPG2 can easily be used in a demanding environment for high audio quality. The message player cannot be used with the UAPg2 set at 96kHz.

Read carefully the release note in order to determinate if updating is required or not for your specific system For the firmware: Impressive array of signal processing tools. When the process complete, close the window.

Notch the options of the monitor window. Click [save to library ]. Don’t show uspg2 this message again. Here are the details of each tab: To control an event from a third party, notch the “Third Party Cont.

Penton Audio USA – DSP Systems – UAPG2 – Universal Audio Processor generation 2

Now you can see the number 1 under “Assigned”. You can search and assign to the URC any images be careful about the size Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Click [Add] to add a message play event events which atdis the selected message If you want to delete an event: In here you can create an individual mix of the input signals independently for the specified output.


It is impossible to assign two different types of adjustment s for example a mute atfis a fader on a same Label; they must be the same type of adjustment. In our example, the noise is now louder than during the calibration. Sub-Preset Now that we have create uspg2 Sub-Preset parameter Sub Preset and Parameters tab chapterwe have to assign this control the sub-presets. And select which master preset will be called by this event notch select box and click OK Change Sub preset Once you have define several sub preset and define an event which control sub preset Control Type click on Mount field Plug in your UAPG2’s and install the drivers.

By default all levels are set to 0 db, which basically means, that all audio signals at the input are mixed with no attenuation and appear like this on every output.

The Lock menu contains the following items: This number is written on a sticker on the URC. Type the User and Password The ethernet connection and also the machine connection will be done automatically: Then into the message storage component, choose the Event Settings tab: The common rail is linked to the ground. Contact Us Log in Search.