It is a dispersant for aqueous suspension concentrates. It is useful in pesticide formulations for keeping particles in a deflocculated state by the for. Aug 30, One example of a polymeric dispersant with a higher HLB value ~ is Croda’s Atlox , Figure 2. Atlox is a hydrophilic methyl. View details of Atlox import data and shipment reports in US with product description, price, date, quantity, major us ports, countries and buyer, supplier.

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Besides water, the aqueous phase may generally contain one or more surfactants which are suitable for stabilising the droplets in the aqueous phase. Despite the aforementioned advantages associated with the usage of SCs and FS’s, there is a number of problems known to the skilled person which are sometimes encountered with SCs and FS’s as a result of settling during prolonged storage or storage at elevated temperatures, the resistance of settled particles to re-suspension and the formation of crystalline material upon atloz.

The amount of suspension, which is added to the aqueous emulsion of the pesticide compound, is preferably chosen such that the amount of 49133 organic pesticide compound contained atlpx the aqueous suspension is from 0.

In general, the aqueous suspensions obtained in step b of the process contain at least one surfactant in amounts from 0. The process according to claim 17, which further comprises the addition of at least one formulation additive to the aqueous suspension 49913 the organic pesticide compound.

The viscosity of the formulation was to cps, determined according to STM In a very preferred embodiment of the present invention, the surfactant additionally comprises at least one non-polymeric surfactant.

Atlox – Croda Crop Care

Anionic surfactants include in particular the sodium, potassium, calcium or ammonium salts of. The aqueous suspension to be added to the aqueous emulsion of the pesticide compound can be prepared by standard procedures for the preparation of aqueous suspensions of organic pesticide compounds.

Preferred C3-C5 monoethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid monomers include acrylic acid, methacrylic acid and 413 acid. As particles approach each other, the adsorbed dispersant chains intermingle, which is thermodynamically unfavourable and presents a barrier to further attraction. In this case, the obtained mixture will be generally subjected to a further comminution step of the thus obtained mixture.


atlpx The nature of the further pesticide compound will naturally depend on the pesticide compound contained in the aqueous suspension obtained in step b. When low melting organic pesticides are formulated as an SC one may encounter difficulties during preparation. Bactericides can be added to stabilize the suspension concentrates against attack by microorganisms.

The PEO moieties usually comprise at least 3, pref- erably at least 5, alox more preferably at least 10 repeating units derived from ethylene oxide number average.

49113 polymeric surfactants having at least one attlox group, in particu- lar at least one poly-C2-C4-alkyleneether group, are selected from the polymeric surfactant of the groups c. Comminution is preferably achieved by applying shear during emulsification of the melt. Then 30 grams of crystalline pyraclostrobin were added and dispersed using a high shear mixer.

The force-distance curves below indicate only one minimum whose depth depends on several factors, importantly one of which is the adsorbed layer thickness. Suitable mixing devices include standard vessels containing one or more stirrers. The information presented here was acquired by UL from the producer of the product 4193 material or original information provider. Addition is preferably performed at a temperature of at least 5 K, frequently at least 10 K, preferably at least 15 K, in particular at least 20 K, below the lowest melting point of the pesticide compound, e.

Preferred graft or comb copolymers of the group c. In the past, is has been common to see formulation ingredients from other markets being used in agrochemical attlox. In the group of surfactants c.

ATLOX™ by Croda – Household, Industrial & Institutional Cleaners

Likewise, the term poly-ethoxylate-co-propoxylate refers to a polyether radical derived from a mixture of ethyleneoxide and propylenoxide. The nature of the surfactants is not particularly critical, e. However, this method principally requires the organic pesticide compound to be in a solid state, preferably in a crystalline state, as the atkox pesticide may clog the milling apparatus. The aqueous suspension concentrates obtained by the process according to the invention are physically and chemically stable 9413, which can be stored over weeks or month or even years at ambient or elevated temperatures or varying temperatures without formation of noticeable amounts of coarse material or caking.

Xanthan Gum and phyllosilicates, and especially mixtures thereof are preferred thickeners. The amount of sample was 5 to 10 mg. These products offer benefits from advanced rheology control, fragrance management, powerful wetting, dispersing and foaming performance, to gentle cleaning and skin mildness. Structural features of polymeric surfactants can allow multiple functionality binding sites to give durable adsorption layers upon many physically and chemically different particles.


However, UL assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information contained on this website and strongly encourages that upon final product or material selection information is validated with the manufacturer. The process according to claim 3, where in step b an aqueous suspension of atloox is added, where pyraclostrobin is essentially present in the form of its crystalline modification IV.

However, this process is limited to pesticide compounds having a melting-point significantly above 70 0 C. The average droplet size, i. As a consequence, the formulations may be difficult to handle and the bioefficacy may be inconsistent. Preparation of an aqueous suspension concentrate containing pyraclostrobin and fluxapyroxad. However, in the process of the present invention, crystallization rate will generally be very rapid and generally completed within seconds or minutes.

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Suitable devices for applying shear include any devices suitable for wet grinding see e. Preferred polymeric atolx of the group c. JP Ref document number: Preparation of an aqueous suspension concentrate containing pyraclostrobin and epoxiconazol. The formulation remained stable for more than 3 month at 0 C without demixing.

The process should be particularly suitable for preparing stable aqueous suspension concentrates containing pyraclostrobin, in particular of form IV of pyraclostrobin. This process is called syneresis: The compositions of the invention may optionally comprise also coloring agents such as pigments or dyes, in particular, if the composition is intended for seed treatment purposes.

The process of the present invention is suitable for the preparation of stable aqueous suspensions of any organic pesticide compounds having a limited water solubility as defined above and a low melting point as given above and which are capable of forming at least one atoox crystalline form.