rest of the site plan. Can I get IMAGECLIP to clip around curves? By eveofdestruction in forum AutoCAD Civil 3D – Alignments. Replies: 3. » 25 years of AutoCAD LT ·» Bricsys Conference – London ·» Bricsys acquired Tech > Wipeout or Image Clip using a Circle or Spline. By Xiaodong Liang Issue I can set image’s clip by AcadRasterImage. ClipBoundary, but how do I get the AcadRasterImage’s clip boundary.

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The default scale factor is one.

Wipeout or Image Clip using a Circle or Spline

The “Display Performance” area imageclio the dialogue box shown on the right allows you to change a number of image related settings including the display of true colour images. To detach an image, highlight the image name in the list and click the “Detach” button.

The Image Clip command enables you to clip or hide part of an image. The foreground pixels of bitonal images are always displayed in the layer or object colour.

You may have noticed that there are a number of options with the Image Clip command. Firstly, images can take up quite a lot of computer memory and so your computer may work more quickly with images unloaded.

If you just want to remove an image temporarily, it is far better to unload it. The background pixels are displayed in the drawing window background colour.

The active path is the actual location of the file on this computer. A polygonal clip allows you to hide that part of an image outside of a defined polygon. The image display is updated auticad show your changes.


All About Images

To display the Reference toolbar in AutoCAD, select View Toolbars… from the pull-down menu, scroll down the “Toolbars” list and put a check in the box against “Reference”. However, you can only do this if no clipping boundary has been applied. Click the “Close” button to clear the Toolbars dialogue box. To unload an image, highlight the image name and click on the “Unload” button. When a clipping boundary has been applied to an image, selecting the image causes grips to appear at the clipping boundary vertices as opposed to the actual image boundary.

For the sake of speed it may be prudent to work with low colour images and then switch to true colour at the end of the drawing process before you plot.

To scale the image dynamically, simply imqgeclip the mouse. You can always set the quality back to High at the end of the drawing process, when you are ready to plot. So, if you want the image to be five drawing units wide, you could set the scale factor to five. We’ve established a quality community of surveying friends, mentors and enthusiasts, where we can all hang out, chat and have some fun sharing our experiences and helping each other.

However, ikageclip like me, you travel around and work on different computers, this can cause problems. There are two types of clipping, Rectangular and Polygonal.

Of course, you could also do this using layers if your images are on their own layer. This means that the image will be inserted so that its width is one drawing unit.


To display this toolbar you need to use the Toolbars dialogue box, shown on the right. This command has many options that are imagecoip worth getting to know but for now we will just look at how to create a hatch pattern from an image. In autofad case, it only looks in the folder where the drawing is saved. If you would like to follow this tutorial closely, right-click the Tree Image on the right and download it to your work folder.

See the example below. June 4, 8: In fact image frames are the key to the selection of images. The “Attach…” button enables you to attach images to the current drawing. This function should not be confused with the sort of image opacity control that iageclip have over image layers in Adobe Photoshop. The saved path is where AutoCAD looks auhocad the image file when the drawing is opened.

You cannot, however, use Splines although you can use splined polylines. Pick a point when you are happy with the image size and the full image is displayed at the required size.

CAD Forum – AutoCAD command imageclip

We used the “New boundary” option to define a new clip boundary. There is also a techniques tutorial, Scaling Images that demonstrates the best way to scale raster base information. Some of them are real time-savers.