of risk and reward used by generations of Swiss bankers (English Edition) de Os Axiomas de Zurique – Resumo Completo [Comentado]: Aprenda todos os. Resumo do livro Os Axiomas de Zurique, autor Max Gunther. Esser video foi elaborado por Gilberto Samogim, como parte integrante do MBA de Gestão. Resumo do livro Axiomas de Zurique. Add a comment no plus ones. no shares. Looks like you’ve reached the end. Looks like you’ve reached the end.

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BV6WU Leitura de texto: However, this is the best book I have read that specifically targets the rules of risk management, which apply to any speculative venture whether it’s real estate, collectibles, stocks or bonds. This is the biggest weakness of the book. Formas de pagamento resmuo He advises against diversification, one should go all in with meaningful bets, without diluting the gains.

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This is a relatively basic book that tends to disprove or caution the against financial cliche’s and being lulled into false security or poor investments. The axioms sound true and rdsumo, although interestingly they lean toward defensive strategy in the spirit of “first rule is not to lose any money”. These will not take you long zuriique read reesumo read in succession. I was able to learn some alternative ways of looking at my financial world.

Startlingly straightforward, the Axioms are explained in a book that is not only extremely entertaining but will prove invaluable to any investor, whether in stocks, commodities, art, antiques or real estate, who is willing to take risk on its own terms and chance a little to gain a lot.

Skin in the Game: A pearl, a gem I bought this book on the recommendation of Larry Williams, who claimed it was one of the few best books he’d ever read on investing.


I suggest you read the chapters axioms that sound interesting to you. Detalhes do produto Formato: Tente novamente mais tarde. If one aims to be more than an “investor”, I suggest “The Perfect Speculator”. Fundamental e de excelente leitura. I have to say I was somewhat disappointed. The bottom line is that no one can predict the future and every “investment” is a speculation. A book to read and occasionally re-read and find new meanings and lessons.

Max Gunther was born in England and emigrated to the US when he was Gunther dismisses technical analysis as pointless staring at random patterns, he thinks markets are entirely random and unpredictable bordering playing the lottery. The title of my review is pretty extreme. I found a few of the 12 axioms significantly insightful. Army in and was a staff member of Business Week from to For example, have you ever exhaustively researched a stock and built up the courage to buy a few shares, only to be blindsided by a surprise earnings shortfall and immediately lose a ton of money?

Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. He dismisses long term planning, listening to the crowd although multiple studies prove the wisdom of the crowd over the individual, disregarding bubble effectsdollar cost averaging, forecasts, intuition, patterns, but offers no alternative.

If you want to get rich, no matter how inexperienced you are in investment, this book can help you. Max Gunther summarized “the speculator’s wisdom” into 12 major and 16 minor axioms. Its message is that you must learn neither to avoid risk nor to court it foolhardily, but to manage it – and enjoy it too. Rastreie seus pedidos recentes. When, what, why, how, where should a speculative bet be made? After the reader is convinced about unpredictability of the market with ever present danger of losing all investment money he is left with no counterpoint.


It was worth the read for those few axioms, but not entirely motivational or life-altering. He then served as a contributing editor of Time for two years. This is a fantastic and worthwhile read. Very little can be used in trading or speculation.

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Os Axiomas de Zurique. The 12 major and 16 minor Zurich Axioms contained in this book are a set of principles providing a axiomsa philosophy for the realistic management of risk, which can be followed successfully by anyone, not merely the ‘experts’. He cites earth quakes, terrorist attacks, financial collapse to prove that point, but these events are indeed extremely rare. He served in the U. This is a book of what not to do. The Intelligent Investor, Rev.

Then stay there, but not zuriquue long. Max Gunther, whose father was one of the original speculators who devised the Axioms, made his first capital gain on the ve market at the age of 13 and has never looked back. What at first held my attention in a vice grip, slowly slackened as I progressed through this book. Learn how to gain control of your finances, pay off your debt, and create financial security!

While it is an entertaining read, if someone is looking for truly useful advice, I would recommend “The Coffeehouse Investor” or “Millionaire Teacher”. Rich Dad Poor Dad: Visualizar ou modificar seus pedidos em sua axlomas. Aprenda todos os principais conceitos.

I know I have. He attended schools in New Jersey and received his B.