The Shikshapatri presented by Bhagwan Swaminarayan to Governor Sir John Malcolm, On the fly-leaf the following unsigned inscription is written in English. Shikshapatri Bhashya. Sanskrit – English. [Incorporates ‘Arthadeepika’ treatise by Shatanand Muni]. By. S. G. Shatanand Muni. By orders from. H. H. Acharya. Shikshapatri BAPS – This is a universal application, for the first time ever, This application contains an explanation of The Shikshapatri in Swamiji’s own The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on

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They shall follow vocation just befitting to their class and Ashram. He believed that lasting reform to rid society of these evils could best be achieved, not by use of force, but by the reasoned persuasion of enlightened and respected Indian leaders. On the fly-leaf the following unsigned inscription englissh written in English: Focusing on God Pt They shall never keep close relation with a woman who has any kind of relation with a king.

One shall always provide one’s servants with food, clothing etc. Williams on South Asian religions and immigration.

All chaste women shall never expose their navel, breast and thigh to any other male and shall not keep their bodies uncovered by a garment. Those who live by it engpish be happy here and hereafter.

Aachar conductVyavahar behavior and Prayaschit expiation in life shall always be adopted according to place, time and age, monetary condition, varna class and physical ability. They shall thoroughly acquaint themselves with the ways of administration of their state viz.: This vertical mark tilak shall be made either with Gopichandan or with sandal paste with saffron, shikkshapatri.

All naishtic Brahmacharis, Mukundanand and others and all house-holders.

Those who are not able to read shall hear it bsps with respects. He endeavoured diligently to eradicate the evils of robbery, murder, sati, and female infanticide. They shall not accept deposits from anyone, shall never lose patience and shall never allow a female to enter their premises.

Except in emergencies like sickness they dhikshapatri not sleep on a cot and shall always be frank and be straigt forward with other Sadhus. And the commentary on Vyas-sutras and Shri Bhagvad Gita by Ramanujacharya shall be treated as my favorite Shastras on philosophy.


The sacred book of ethics. They shall make transaction regarding money to be paid in connection with marriage of themselves enhlish others, in writing with proper attestation; but shall never do it orally. One shall never act under sudden impulse in haste; but an act pertaining to Dharma shall be done all at once.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All my followers shall practice shiishapatri additional rules, which are explained below during the period of four months i. All shall observe them accordingly.

My followers shall get up daily before sun-rise, offer prayers to Lord Krishna and then shall go to answer call of nature. The material used to write on is paper and the manuscript is protected by a cloth binding that is folded over and tied shut. They shall not give any money even for religious and charitable purpose, if the money is just sufficient for their maintenance, but if it be in excess, then only they may give some.

These Bhaktas, shall worship the idol of Lord Shri Krishna, made either from stone or metal or Saligram with offering like flowers, sandal paste, fruit, etc. Thereafter, sitting in one place, shall cleanse teeth, then shall take bath with filtered and clean water and then shall wear one washed cloth and put on another such cloth as apron.

They shall not wear dress like married women, nor like a Sanyasini a female recluse nor like a Vairagini a nun nor shall they put on dress which is against the custom of the place and the practice on their family. All shall worship with singular devotion only that form of Lord Shri Krishna which is installed by the Acharya who is a descendant of the family of Shri Dharmadev and which is given to them for the purpose by him.


My followers shall never kill any living being under any circumstances, knowingly, not even small insects like lice, bugs, etc. None shall ever perform an act, which is likely to yield great advantage but which is devoid of or is against Dharma, for Dharma alone is bps of fulfilling the four Purusharths aims of life i. Account Options Sign in. Even articles such as firewood, flowers, etc. Articles containing Gujarati-language text.

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Bhagwan Swaminarayan’s Shikshapatri

Retrieved from ” https: Thus, even today, thousands throughout the world sincerely enblish by the injunctions of the Shikshapatri. They shall make provision for food-grains and money, according to their requirements and according to their time and their capacity and those who own cattle shall also store-up sufficient fodder according to their means.

When loss of prestige or estate or life is threatened in a place where they reside either due to very bad times like famines or by enemies or by a king. In times of difficulties, caused by forces of nature or by human beings or by diseases, all shall behave in a way so as to protect themselves and others but shall not act otherwise.

Ayodhyaprasad and Raghuvir who have been installed by Me as Acharya at Ahmedabad and Vadtal respectively, sons of my brothers, Rampratapji and Ichharamji, born of Shri Dharmadev. All Acharyas shikshxpatri their wives, shall observe all the above Dharmas of house holders, males and females. Swaminarayan Stickers for WhatsApp. Bhagwan Swaminarayan’s Shikshapatri Written By: Jiva is one who is installed in the heart, is atomic and subtle, is all-consciousness, is the knower, is pervading all over the body by means of his power of knowledge and bears characterization such as indivisibility, invulnerability, eternality, and so on.

Complete Bhagavad Gita with Hindi translations and descriptions.


None shall go with empty hands for darsan of Guru or of a deity or of a king or shall ever commit breach of trust or shall praise oneself. When my followers on their way, come across temples of Shiv, and other deities, they shall bow down to them and have their darshan respectfully. Those who are learned shokshapatri read it daily or once a year.