Bas Jan Ader: In Search of the Miraculous. Jan Verwoert. One Work Series. Bas Jan Ader disappeared at sea in while attempting to sail from the east coast . May 9, In Search of the Miraculous, the last and most poignant work by the Dutch-born artist Bas Jan Ader, was intended to be a performance in three. In Bas Jan Ader disappeared at sea while trying to sail from the East Coast The fulsome documentation of Ader’s In Search of the Miraculous-a multipart.

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Please don’t leave me 1st ed. In order to fall, you have to let go, to lose control – just as you must if you allow yourself to feel the full force of overwhelming grief. Bas Jan Ader Pliure. In short, he ih a classic cult figure, an artist’s artist. He co-edited and co-authored, with Suzanne Hudson, Contemporary Art: Although it was spotted 60 miles out to sea and again near the Azores, he was never seen again.

Bas Jan Ader Life World: He estimated that the voyage should take him some two and a half months. In his few silent black-and-white films, he performs a series of actions that are both dangerous and clown-like in their absurdity. Accrochage 2 at the Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris.

Black and white film, silent, 16mm film and serach media. He had arranged for a choir to sing sea shanties at a gallery in Los Angeles before his departure from Cape Cod. Bas Jan Ader Group exhibition Wanderlust: At the same time, Verwoert argues, Ader never discounts, either cynically or ironically, the power of emotional address: Bas Jan Ader’s work featured in the group exhibtion Hidden Narrarives: Courtesy Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris.


Retrieved from ” https: Triple Canopy is pleased to present Doomed to Be Free, an evening of readings, screenings, and conversation to celebrate the publication of Bas Jan Ader: A, searching everywhere with a torchlight.

The artist who sailed to oblivion

Death Is Elsewherea new biography by art historian Alexander Dumbadze. Bas Jan Ader Thoughts unsaid, then forgotten Installation Oil stick, tripod, clamp-on lamp, flower, vase Dimensions variable Unique. And in a third, he steers his wobbly bicycle into an Amsterdam canal. The piece is expressly about freedom, about the will, about the ability to make a choice that has a kf nonchoice.

All my clothes Gelatin silver print. Determinism lurks, but it is of a different kind, not something malicious like gravity or potentially random like God.

Doomed to Be Free

What the Camden show reveals is that the terrible events of Ader’s early life inform the art he was to make as an adult. Meliksetian Briggs is pleased to announce that the Whitney Museum of American Art has acquired Bas Jan Ader’s Study for I’m too sad to tell you seagch partsfor the museum’s permanent collection. Perhaps he let go of the steering wheel, surrendering himself to the ocean as he had surrendered to the force of gravity.

Bas Jan Ader Art Ltd. Jan Verwoert discusses all these issues and more in Bas Jan Ader: Ader’s mother wrote a book about her experiences during the war, in which she recalled that when her young son realised his father would never return, he said, “Mama, please don’t leave me” – the title of a later artwork.


In one of his installations, he scrawls the words “Please don’t leave me” on to the gallery wall.

One of his most famous works, I’m too sad to tell youconsists of a 3-minute silent black-and-white movie of him crying, several searhc long hair and short hair versions and a post card mailed to his friends with the inscription “I’m too sad to tell you”.

Retrieved 18 July In some works, it feels as though Ader is trying to become his father, and that for this reason his early death was entirely predictable. More from the web.


Bas Jan Ader – Wikipedia

Thursday 27 December The body of work Ader left behind is extraordinary, but it isn’t extensive – only a few short films most of which were made in a single weekend plus some photographs and several performance pieces. Knowing this, the photo of Ader’s clothes thrown on to the roof of his house no longer looks like a piece of whimsy, but an act of homage to his mother. Oil stick, tripod, clamp-on lamp, flower, vase. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.