Basic programming principles by H. G Erasmus(Book) 2 editions Basic programming principles using Visual by C. M Pretorius(Book) 1 edition. CM Pretorius and HG Erasmus. Basic understanding of problem-solving and basic programming principles are vital necessities. .. an equation. For example, a = b + c, where a must be a numeric variable that if code = “H” then. BASIC PROGRAMMING PRINCIPLES. PRETORIUS C. ISBN: Estimated delivery within business day. R Add to Basket Added.

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The next two statements enable the user to enter the age of a person to store in the variable called age. On the other hand, the parameters in the header must indicate whether the parameter is a value parameter or a reference parameter — in other words, whether a copy or an address has been sent. Chapter 7 Introduction to Procedures. Enter the number of rows of chairs in the city hall as well as the number of chairs per row. Programming gives you complete control over an innocent, vulnerable machine, which will do your evil bidding with a loyalty not even your pet dog can rival.

The average as well as the result must be displayed on the screen. An array has a single name A single variable in an array is called an element All the elements in an array are the same data type The position of an element in an array is called an index.

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Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name. She pays R on rent for her room and the remainder of the money is divided as follows: A function parameter list can be empty see following example.

Calculation can also be done using equations.

An object or thing that you can describe. Write a complete algorithm with functions to solve the following problem: In this case, the purpose of the algorithm is explained. The input data must be processed to give the output information ,which is the amount the student will receive. Enter indicates that data must be entered via the keyboard.

At the end of the algorithm the total amount of interest must be displayed. The final grade is calculated as the average of four marks.

Basic Programming Principles: Textbook : C. Pretorius :

The output is The name of the learner is John. A numeric value cannot be compared with a character value. It is able to manipulate data outside the subprocedure at specific addresses, as given in the reference parameters. A activation email has been sent to you.

Input Processing Output hours Prompt for input fields wage rate Enter hours and rate rate Calculate wage Display wage on screen. Share eraamus are a little bit lower. The student needs to know how many hours he has to work at what rate of pay before he ersamus calculate the final amount he will receive.

The data type of the result must be real. Retrieve value from bucket system. Let’s connect Contact Details Facebook Twitter. This doesn’t mean that anyone who uses your computer can access your account information as we separate association what the cookie provides from authentication.


Whole numbers positive or negative e. The name of the value returned by the function need not be the same as in programing calling statement.

Row 3 column 0 contains minimum and maximum temperatures for day 4 that is 3 and 24 If the name of the array is temperature,to reference a particular element we specify both the row and the column number: It is clear that the input data is meaningless unless it is processed, becauseif the student knows how much he will receive per hour, but does not knowhow many hours he will work, the pay cannot be calculated!

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Algorithm Discovery and Design. Test your algorithm by doing a trace table 1,Enter two integers. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. What is the output? They are used to perform actions in a program. A program task is to: To use this website, pretoriis must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

In other words, it can change more than one value. The name of this array is weekDays wekdays contains the names of the 7 days in a week We declare the variables of this array as: