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Centre fire rifle cartridges for sports shooting are used in the ISSF-discipline of m rifle calibres of up to 8 mm The AFEMS estimate [AFEMS a] of the average lead content of a car-tridge in this category is 7 grams grains and is based on weight dis-tributions of 6. Other consequences are assessed to be small and without significance regarding the use of lead-free equipment. Several techniques are available for lead containment as well as lead recovery from shooting ranges.

Advantages and drawbacks of restricting the marketing and use of

It is the opinion of ISSF that lead shot is beyond discussion the best option for clay pigeon shooting and that steel shot suffers from being ballistic inferior and not reliable to the same extent as lead shot [ISSF a]. The effects of lead shot on waterfowl is the direct background for article 4. Effect of lead P: Cartridges for pistol and revolver are according to AFEMS almost entirely used for sporting purposes.

Since birds have been found in the wild with large numbers of lead shot in the gizzard, this poses a major hazard to those species feeding on river margins and in fields where many shot have accumulated [WHO ].

Most focus has been on substitutes for lead shot.

Other sinkers may directly end up in sediments and the overall picture is that lead will accumulate in sedimentation areas and by time be buried in the sedi-ments. A sandbank is placed in front of e.

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Poisoning of water-fowl may in special cases form a health risk to humans consuming these birds. It must be recognised, however, that the structure of sports shooting is highly hierarchical, as are most other sports.


The Danish ecotoxicological soil quality criteria are considered as a level, where no harmful effects on soil organisms or processes can be expected [Scott-Fordsmand and Pedersen ].

To provide a quantitative up-to-date assessment of the various uses in the old and new Member States. Shot is used in particular for hunting and competition.

It is, however, based on surveys from USA and Australia assumed that a certain share of the imported volume of candles from the Far East contains lead candle wicks, although no precise data is available to quantify this import.

Many free-living raptor species for which secondary poisoning has not yet been documented nevertheless risk this type of poisoning as a direct consequence of their preferred feeding habits. Which technique to apply de-pends heavily on the site conditions, soil composition and level of lead deemed acceptable in the cleaned soil or bullet trap material utilised. Denmark has established a total ban on the use of lead in fishing equipment.

While it is generally believed that neither tin, bismuth nor tungsten should be of concern regarding their environmental impact in water environments, this is in reality not documented, and it is recommended that re-search is initiated that can eliminate the current lack of data.

Costs of transition incl. According to [Lecocq ] some Member States – Netherlands, the Flemish region of Belgium – has legally es-tablished legal requirements for the maximum size of shotgun pellets for hunted species. There is evidence that frog and toad eggs are sensitive to nominal lead concen-trations of less than 1. Sinkers and other lead equipment for angling and commercial fishing are manu-facturers by several hundred companies in Europe.

Producers of ammuni-tion based on alternative metals and alloys certainly do exist in Europe already supplying the markets in Denmark and elsewhere and they would obviously benefit from such a ban, as would also the import to Europe of such ammuni-tion. General costs for the industry in case the use of lead in ammunition is com-pletely restricted relate mainly to research and development of new products as well as adaptation of existing machinery. The picture of manufacturing is somewhat similar, but Italy is presenting itself as clearly the largest country of manufacturing followed by Germany, Spain, UK and France.


Soil washing is a technique aimed at separating the sand and gravel fraction from the clay fraction. Finally, as stated in section 3.

Advantages and drawbacks of restricting the marketing and use of …

Regarding sports shooting, the general strategy of the International Sports Shooting Federation regarding the issue of minimizing the environmental con-sequences of the use of lead ammunition is to promote improved lead recovery at shooting ranges. Typically the pigeon bekentdgrelse be hit by a number of steel shot before it breaks. Generally, a process of developing an environmental friendly de-sign of shooting ranges seems to have been initiated.

Traditionally the major source of lead on plant surfaces has been lead in the air originating from the use of leaded gasoline.

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However, the extent to which the length of bullets can be increased is covered by CIP-regulations [Grodzki ]. The primary source of organic lead, and the primary source of the exposure of the general population, has been leaded petrol which is now phased out from the market in the EU. Hekendtgrelse can also be placed horizontally in the shot fall zone to catch shot and prevent them from being Options of substitu-tion Recovering of bekendtgerlse from shooting ranges P: In Sweden voluntary restrictions on bekendtgrelee fishing sinkers exist in some rivers.

However, zinc is not currently approved in the US as a non-toxic shot and is in reality also toxic to birds although the toxicity is lower than that of lead. Lead in food In the general non-smoking adult population, the major exposure pathway for lead today is from food and water.

Shot pellets The manufacturing process of steel shot is distinctly different from lead shot.