The Lower Benue Trough is the southern portion of the Benue Trough that is believed to have originated as a failed arm of an aulacogen at the time of the. The Benue Trough of Nigeria (Figure 1(a)) is an intracontinental basin in Central West Africa that extends NE to SW. It is over km in length and exceeds. The Benue Trough is an elongate rifted depression in which the sediments reach well over m thickness in places and have been strongly folded, probably.

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Aeolian sand transport over complex intertidal bar- trough beach topography. Thermal and chemical variations of the Nigerian Benue trough lead-zinc-barite-fluorite deposits. The alignment method is practical and straightforward, and inherently aligns the mirror facets to the receiver.

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Reconnaissance and detailed field studies were done. The potential improvement due to the addition of a shield on the upper half of the annulus and enhancing the convection coefficient of the heat transfer fluid is also studied.

Technology roadmapping is a needs-driven technology planning process to help identify, select, and develop technology alternatives to satisfy a set of market needs. The base of the Elephant Trees Fm, dated here at 8.

Presently, the continental margin of the southeastern United States Fig. As we pursue efforts to lower the capital and installation costs of parabolic trough solar collectors, it is essential to maintain high optical performance.

Dysoxic conditions were developed in the sediments and the bottom waters of the deepest environment mid- to outer-ramp settingin the western part of the platform. Analysis of stochastic characteristics of the Benue River flow process. The potential hydrocarbon traps associated with titled fault block, fault and roll-over structure exist. Length of laser welding was determined according to comparison with statistic tensile strength and fatigue strength of spot welding.

A photovoltaic PV solar concentration structure having at least two troughs encapsulated in a rectangular parallelepiped optical plastic structure, with the troughs filled with an optical plastic material, the troughs each having a reflective internal surface and approximately parabolic geometry, and the troughs each including photovoltaic cells situated so that light impinging on the optical plastic material will be concentrated onto the photovoltaic cells.


The Pindiga formation is believed troug have a thickness of about m. Other economic minerals such as coal and diatomite occur in Gombe and Bularafa, limestone around Ashaka, low-grade base metals, as well as large potential for glass sands and mineral juvenile water in the trough. Acoustically damped metal oil trough for internal combustion engines.

Growth of the Tufts fan now permits turbidity-current overflow from Cascadia Channel to reach the Escanaba Trougha deep rift valley along the southern axis of the Gorda Ridge. The thermal model suggests there was post-deformation erosion of about 4km and little if any further erosion occurred during Late Devonian to Early Carboniferous time. Analysis of the nine blocks of 51×51 residual data points revealed two magnetic levels for some of the blocks while others have three magnetic levels.

These facies and facies associations were interpreted and three facies successions were recognized; the alluvial-proximal braided river, the braided river and the lacustrine-marginal lacustrine.

A proposed 52 in. Virtually all collected soil samples were observed to be highly contaminated when compared with the European Union environmental policy standard. Hydrothermal activities have contributed significant manganese, lead, arsenic, antimony and mercury to the sediments, and these elements are distinct indicators for the hydrothermal activity in the Okinawa Trough.

Shallow-water carbonates of the Brito Formation were deposited on shoals of basement blocks. Geology and mineral resources of West Africa. The shallow marine shales of the Cretaceous formations namely Yolde, Dukul, Jessu, Sekuliye and Numanha ranging in age from Cenomanian to Coniacian within the Yola Sub-basin in the Northern Benue Troughnortheastern Nigeria were analysed to provide an overview on their hydrocarbon generation potential.

A total of one hundred and twenty Clarias gariepinus comprising 30 dead and 30 live fishes were examined for protozoan parasites infestation, sixty each from the wild and a pond cultured environment over a period of six months.

The first profile crossed the Salton Trough from the southwest to the northeast, and the second was a strike line that paralleled the Salton Sea along its western edge. Comparing with other hydrothermal sediments from Mid-ocean Ridges or the Lau Basin, the degree of the enrichment of elements iron, copper, cobalt, and nickel is relatively low.


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Although reservoir quality data is not available for these formations, they constitute very important water aquifers around Keana and Awe. The upper parts of the floor cumulates of frough Skaergaard Intrusion, East Greenland, contain abundant features known as troughs. The Pindiga Formation, Bima sandstone, Yolde formation and Gombe sandstone, occupy the Northeastern portion of the map and extend down to the Southeastern part of the area.

North American lithosphere in the Salton Trough has been almost or completely rifted apart. Waveform anomaly caused by strong attenuation in the crust and upper mantle in the Okinawa Trough region. The developed model is then validated using the available experimental data. The older alkali basalts occur within the core of the Abakaliki anticlinorium while the younger tholeiites occur towards the periphery. The depression is approximately 1.

Benue Trough

Solar photovoltaic reflective trough collection structure. Chronostratigraphy and deposition rates in the Okinawa Trough region. In the present study a parabolic solar trough is simulated using a one dimensional finite element model in which the energy balances for the fluid, the absorber and the envelope in each element are performed.

The contamination of all wells could be due to improper construction of wells, refuse dumping sites and various human activities around the wells. Previous measurements of the hydrogen isotope composition of Mariana trough lavas [1] found a correlation between dD and measured water content, consistent with two-component mixing between water in the ambient MORB source and water from the subducted slab, but include only four samples, only two of which have known major and minor element trougn.

However, not all data are created equal. This value falls within the range of values for basic rocks and basalt Dobrin and Savit, ; Telford et al.