Bin Roye Ansoo by Farhat Ishtiaq. Here comes another very awesome novel written by Farhat Ishtiaq. This novel is full of emotion, romance and feelings. Bin Roye Ansoo / بن روئے آنسو has ratings and 19 reviews. Aqsa said: SO, first I’d like to thank my friend Saman for recommending me this book. Thank. Bin Roye Ansoo is a beautifully written Social Romantic Urdu Novel by today’s top most famous women writer Farhat Ishtiaq. Its a simple love story in written in a .

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Irtiza goes to America and whilst studying there develops feelings for his cousin Saman.

Bin Roye Ansoo (novel) – Wikipedia

The story starts with Saba and Irtiza celebrating Eid, and enjoying their life in Pakistan. Irtiza’s concern for Saba and his friendliness does not help her helplessness either. Sobia rated it really liked it Oct 20, Saba gets furious and tells him off, and tells him that he has no right to humiliate her like this! However Saman does not survive the hit and run! Of course, Bin Roye was just 1 hour and 58 minutes, so you will get to see a lot more intricacies in this.

Retrieved 9 October Jul 20, Fahad Naeem rated it it was ok Shelves: Saba and Irtiza get married in an intimate ceremony. Irtiza leaves for office, after which a friend comes to meet him and tells him to visit a znsoo site with him.

But since this novel was published in Kawateen digest, I read it anyway.

The next day it is Maaz’s birthday, and Irtiza, Saman and Saba go out to the mall to shop for Maaz’s birthday party. Soon after Saba’s realisation, Irtiza proposes marriage to Saman. Sep 06, Sana Mafiya rated it liked it.


Bin Roye Ansoo / بن روئے آنسو

Until one day Saba realises that both Saman and Irtiza have feelings for each other. One of the most amazing novel by Farhat.

Pinky rated it really liked it Mar 17, Views Read Edit View history. Feb 04, Ruaridh rated it liked it. He further tells Saba that she knows him for years, and that she should trust him enough to know that he will never force himself on her, Saba agrees to his request and tells him that she can pretend to be happy with this marriage for the family’s sake.

Such a lovely story. Why did she come here to ruin her life! Lists with This Book. Television portal drama portal s portal.

Bin Roye Ansoo By Farhat Ishtiaq (A Social Romantic Urdu Novel with Love Story Theme)

Great work by Farhat Ishtiaq. Family drama Serial drama Romantic drama. Retrieved 27 June Bringing drama to the movies”. One day Irtiza loses his patience and forces Saba to come downstairs to his room.

This behaviour of Saba makes Irtiza upset, for which later Saba also annsoo He confronts Saba and gets angry with her for keeping them in the dark about this! Xaina Imran rated it really liked it Aug 20, Soon after Irtiza rye to go to America for post-graduate studies. Saman and Irtiza go to Pakistan for holidays with Maaz. Upon landing in America and in the house where Saman and Irtiza used to live, Saba vin to feel very disturbed! To the extent of nearly fainting, Irtiza observes this and helps her!

One day Irtiza sees Saba’s mother crying and stating what bad did my daughter did, and why is her life so difficult, Irtza hearing this tells Ahsoo mother that ansop wants to marry Saba!

On the wedding night the man in question confesses to Saba that he is already married and has a wife and a child in America, and that he married her due to family pressure, and no matter what he can never give her the love and the importance of a wife.


Soon after when Saba wakes up, Irtiza tells Saba that he has always cared for her, because he has always loved her! In 2 and half hours, we already have to show a very large story in a limited time in a film, but when it comes to television, we personally like the way the story is narrated. He easily fit the typical Farhat Ishtiaq character: Its a common story and characters are so normal, but the lines and words are so powerful.

Saba is heartbroken seeing this, but she collects herself and tries her best to be happy for her best friend and her sister. Overall it was a good novel. Retrieved 22 September The family tell Irtiza that Saba should also go along with him! Soon Saba’s grandmother gets sick due to seeing Saba in such a state, she tells Saba to get married to Irtiza, Saba agrees to the marriage half-heartedly!

Farhat Ishtiaq wrote the screenplay for series, changing several plot details in contrast to film. While Saba is sleeping, Irtiza watches her, and remember all that Saba has confessed and has tears in his eyes! Irtiza is upset hearing this and tells her that he has always wanted the best for her, so how can she think about him like this?

Farhat Ishtiaq sometimes repeat the details so much that you lose the interest in the book and get bored.