11 reasons why you aren’t crushing the micros yet. Learn from a 10+ year poker pro with the highest winnings of all time at the micros. So I am thinking of purchasing the book Crushing the Microstakes today by blackrain I was reading somewhere online though were they. During my studies, I recently stumbled upon the book Crushing the Microstakes by Nate “Blackrain79” Williams. I’m wondering if anyone has.

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August 19th,8: Your tips changed my mind and my game bringing it to an entire another level. I thought that this would be the magic solution to help me beat 5NL.

I already know that the strategies in this book work. A physical version of the book is not rcushing at this time. He has updated his “Crushing the Microstakes” and personally I would be pretty wary of anyone who harshed him.

In it will contain a link to download the book. I’m not sure anything written about micro stakes can ever be outdated. I used caps for all the letters. I am so glad to hear that I could help MorningStar! My personal number 12 on this list would be to eliminate procrastination.


It’s not that I’m afraid of betting and getting called.

Find More Posts by AntonioQuina. If you play in these games and breezed through the NL2-NL5 levels, then you would be better served to start there.

11 Undeniable Truths About Crushing the Micros

September 9th,3: Why more thanpoker players have joined CardsChat Quickly improve your game. Calling station mentality If microstake bet big: Jon Sweet 07 June. There are two books to consider and I am buying the second book for 10NL and above.

You can not use anything from there but you are obliged to read and to learn all that is written there. I was reading somewhere online though were they were saying this.

Crushing the Microstakes Bonus Materials | BlackRain79 – Micro Stakes Poker Strategy

So I am sorry but I don’t know what to say. You have nothing to lose. Its strictly aimed at full ring players though, where most people play 6 max nowadays.

Thank you for the kind words by the way If anyone has any additional questions about either of my books, my free guide, my free videos, my paid videos etc. Originally Posted by Four Dogs.

BlackRain79 – Micro Stakes Poker Strategy: CTM

Fine line between bluff catching and being a calling station and judging from your last few post you seem to be bordering on the station side. I will send you your copy ASAP. I’m not trying to disrespect blackrain79 in any way.


It is really worth it to sign up at his site and he will send “Massive Profits at the MicroStakes” for free. I just saw this thread now about 9 months after it was started. In fact, I love it when people send me their graphs like this: Now hai New books New players much microstakez experienced and New Strategies which it can mivrostakes both online and buying these same. August 3rd,5: He MUST be bluffing” when in reality good players are thinking on the next level and make these big bets with good hands when the draws miss because they know the fishes mind set.

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