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She says beka working mothers have become time efficient. Sign up to receive our newsletter. For weddings, starters are usually an array of savouries served with a dip.

Williams adds that while her cookbook has been available for 22 years, in the week before Ramadaan, the demand suddenly spikes and needs a new print run.

The package has 10 step-by-step demonstrations on DVD, 30 recipes and a guide freats flop-proof recipes published in other editions.

Employees call cops on black hotel guest talking on his cellphone.

Boeka Treats | Bo-Kaap’s Favourite Recipe Book

Boeka Treats was first published in The beauty in our food lies in the hospitality with which it is shared and the love with which it is made. Recipes are passed on from our great grandmothers and recipes are featured from all over the world, adapted and adjusted to our tastes.

People are steering tteats of the traditional deep-fried foods and treays baking favourites like daltjies and samoosas. Home Issues Issue 1: Everybody eats and Chips! Boeka Treats has since become an institution; a vessel to pass down recipes and cultural knowledge through the generations.


On any given day, a stream of tour buses rolls in and tourists roll out to photograph the rows of houses painted different candy colours. Related Articles Want a healthy pizza? Thereafter most people have soup with a sweet treat fritters, pancakes, koeksisters and savoury treats samoosas, daltjies chillie bitespies.

Main meals include traditional vegetable soup dishes, but the more adventurous are trying out chicken and corn and other recipes, says Williams. For the past 18 years, the Boorhaanol Islam Movement in Bo-Kaap has been publishing Boeka Treatsan annual collection of recipes for the dishes traditionally made by the Cape Muslim community during the month of Ramadaan.

Most Read on IOL. They make big pots of soup and then divide them into smaller portions to be frozen and served at any time.

Boeka Treats | Bo-Kaap’s Favourite Recipe Book – CHIPS!

What foods are typically made for Eid? However Boeka Treats is useful all year round. Read next on IOL.

Report lays bare hijack, murder and rape horror of ex-EFF man. We asked Nazreen-Kiyaam Bassier, from Boeka Treatsabout this much-loved publication and what dishes you might find in it. Eid morning is known for its soutvleis and gebakte brood with pastei corned beef with freshly baked homemade bread and a big steak or chicken pie. Zuma to embark on new career – as a musician.

Now most funerals serve akhni: Ramaphosa’s NewYear message warns of difficult decisions for SA in While Ramadaan is about fasting, a lot of emphasis is placed on food.


We also discovered that there was a need for Boeka time recipes. The Bo-Kaap is quite possibly the most photographed neighbourhood in Cape Town.

Many are also including cubes of fresh fruit with their nibbles. Top Camps Bay businessmen hired security firm. Faldela Williams, author of The Cape Malay Cookbook, says many families are choosing to go the healthier route when breaking their fasts at the end of each day.

How did Boeka Treats come about? Growing Up At Goldies. What characterises food from the Bo-kaap?

Thousands of copies have been sold since its launch in Together with the Islam faith, food is one way that cultural heritage in the Bo-Kaap is kept thriving. What dishes are made for different life events: Recipes are sourced from our community and people who are known to make the best, for example, samosas, koeksisters, doughnuts, cakes and foods are asked to share their recipe. Muslims look to old favourite for boeka treats Share this article with a friend Your Name: It must be difficult to get a good shot on weekdays when the overflow of commuters to the city squeeze their cars into whatever available parking spaces they can find in the cobblestone streets.