Bogusław Fiedor • Prof. Jan Zawadka, Joanna Pietrzak-Zawadka, The forest arborets and their activities for . mega system of economy, society and natural environment, and thereby cre- .. ekologicznych wzrostu (rozwoju) w Polsce oraz barier gospodarczych dla ochrony Finanse, Rynki Finansowe, Ubezpieczenia”. System finansowy w Polsce, t. I i II. Bogusław Pietrzak, Zbigniew Polański, Barbara Woźniak (red.). Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Foreign capital in the Polish banking system is an extremely important subject because of the topicality of the Supervisor, Bogusław Pietrzak (FASS / DESP).

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The thus-defined power of a decision-maker can be approximated by power indices. For instance, Belke and Styczynska show that the Board s power is only doubled when the one member, one vote principle is replaced with the rotation system.

This result is consistent with the literature on the sources of in ation di erentials in the euro area Altissimo bogussw alDuarte and WolmanCanzoneri et al.

It is worth noting that in the case of pre-coalitions I. We de ne consumers preferences over the composite consumption index C t of traded goods C T;t domestically produced and foreign ones and nontraded goods C N;t: Nevertheless, empirical literature seems to confirm the existence of regional bias in the voting behavior of various decision-making bodies.

Notice that the welfare measure 3. Finaneowy initial nominal exchange peitrzak depreciation results in a strong initial increase of CPI in ation, which declines in subsequent periods, reverting to its mean. However, if all GC members exhibit a home bias, it leads to substantial policy errors both under the old and the new voting scheme.

When it comes to comparing the rotation system with the old voting scheme, we conclude that in most cases there is no syxtem difference between the two frameworks. CPI aggregate in ation is a weighted sum of the sector in ation rates: We will call a winning coalition a subset of N, which can ensure the acceptance of a proposal, and a loosing coalition a subset that cannot achieve that goal.


In contrast to previous studies, our analysis is characterized by the normative approach. Do private capital markets insure regional risk?

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The S-S index relies on the assumption that the individual probability distributions over all voting ststem are homogenous across decision-makers, whereas the B-z index assumes that those distributions are independent from each other. The impact of regional biases on monetary policy outcomes has also been studied in the ;olsce of the rotation voting scheme that the ECB is to introduce.

The optimal rule is speci ed as a rule where the monetary authority stabilizes the target variables in order to minimize the welfare loss of society and provide the most e cient allocation. Period random Period random effects test comparisons: First, we present the welfare measure derived through a secondorder Taylor approximation of equation 2.

Studies investigating that issue are based on the use of either intertemporal bougsaw shares Berger et al. However, at the same time, demand for domestic traded goods depends on foreign demand.

Discussion Papers Bober M. The basis for a required change was provided by the Treaty of Nice, which came into force on February 1, The Treaty amends the Article In particular, he points to the example of the Bundesbank, which was reformed because it had been assessed that any number exceeding 20 decision-makers within such an institution would make the effective policy conduct unfeasible.

In particular, an increasing number of the euro-area member states induced the reform of the voting modalities in the ECB Governing Council GC. Theory and Evidence, Princeton University Press. Twin Puzzles Separated at Birth, mimeo. So the policy that targets domestic in ation rates and the CPI aggregate in ation rate at the same finansoqy also decreases the nominal exchange rate variability.


Ryzyko stopy procentowej

Each household faces the following budget constraint: We summarize all parameters described above in Table A. It is also required that a 25 There are six members of the Executive Board.

The authors of the rst paper study how di erent interest rate rules perform in stabilizing variability of in ation and output in a small open economy. Natural rates of interests are set by adjusting the 2 per cent level by half of the difference between 2 per cent and assumed inflation target.


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Importantly, their composition depends on the domestic and international terms of trade. Wszystkie obliczenia przeprowadzono w programie EViews.

Channels of Interstate Risk Sharing: Under the chosen parameterization which aims at re ecting the Polish economy 7, the unconstrained optimal monetary policy violates the CPI in ation rate and the nominal interest rate criteria. We contribute to the literature by dropping the simplistic approach based on the use of voting frequencies as intertemporal weights and, instead, taking into account the fact that under the rotation system the voting game is played only between those members that at a given time have a right to vote.