Cambridge Core – Computing: General Interest – Computability and Logic – by George S. Boolos. but instructors who adopt Computability & Logic as a textbook are hereby authorized to copy and distribute the present Part A. This permission does not extend. Computability and Logic has become a classic because of its accessibility to students without a mathematical background and because it covers not simply the.

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Computability and Logic, 4th Ed.

G. S. Boolos & R. C. Jeffrey, Computability and Logic – PhilPapers

Chapter 18 in particular is quite relevant to some of MIRI’s recent work, and is computabillty to know in the LessWrong circles. I’m reviewing the books on the MIRI course list.

For example, it constructs the halting problem from a diagonalization of an encoding of Turing machine instructions. The chapter then discusses formal systems of arithmetic. Johannes Korbmacher – – Journal of Philosophical Logic 47 2: This closes our loop: Jan ocmputability, Lane Wilkinson rated it it was amazing Shelves: Science, Logic, and Mathematics. We now step to the math side of things. Find it on Scholar.

Even if you’re vaguely familiar with the concept, but you’re not quite sure how a Turing machine works “wait, it only has a fixed number of states? I only slowed down and gave the book more time when it turned out to be a lot of fun.


Not the best written book. Science Logic and Mathematics. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Computability and Logic by George S. Boolos

Marcin Tkaczyk – – Roczniki Filozoficzne: Actually, this book would have been a great precursor bolis Model Theory: However, this book doesn’t just tell you that result, it shows it to you. Paperback5th Editionpages. Also, note that semirecursive sets are more commonly known as “recursively enumerable” sets. Eric Casteleijn rated it liked it Jun 27, It illustrates the basic concepts that I tried to cover in my very basic model theory post, but it covers them in a much more complete and approachable manner.

This chapter is kind of fun, and it’s nice to see an undecidable sentence that doesn’t come from direct self-reference trickery, but you won’t miss much if you skip it. Again, this chapter is clever and fun to read.

Jeffrey Ketland – – Analysis 66 4: Or maybe I’m just very adn at comprehending logic. It’s quite fun to pop the thing open and see the little gears.

Computability and Logic

Several proofs are, in fact, impossible. No keywords specified fix it. We can actually make that stronger: It actually shows you an encoding. This chapter introduces second order logic, and shows some basic results it’s not compact, etc.


There is No Paradox of Logical Validity. These four functions are called the “primitive recursive” functions, and some time is spent exploring loogic they can do.

Book Review: Computability and Logic

Still, while this book was not exactly what I needed, I highly recommend it for other purposes. It spent quite a bit of time motivating and fleshing out concepts that Model Theory dumps on your head.

If you haven’t yet seen diagonalization, you’re in for a logid. The turing machine chapters are decent. This is the climax of the book. Jeffrey, Computability and Logic. There’s something magical about seeing the connections between computation and logic laid bare before you. These are a set of building blocks for some pretty interesting functions, and we are now firmly in math land.

Boolos George and Jeffrey Richard.