The second edition of A Concise History of Brazil offers a sweeping yet accessible history of Latin America’s largest country. Boris Fausto. A Concise History of Brazil covers almost years of Brazilian history, from the arrival of the Portuguese in the New World to the political. It’s no mean feat to tell the unruly story of a country as large, diverse and divided as Brazil in one volume of narrative history. But Fausto succeeds admirably in.

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In a completely new chapter, his son Sergio Fausto, a prominent political scientist, brings the history up to the present, focusing on Brazil’s increasing global economic importance as well as its cojcise democratic development and the challenges the country faces to meet the higher expectations of its people.

I’m hoping to augment this book with a more culturally focused history text, but it was a good introduction if not much else. Return to Book Page.

A Concise History of Brazil

Oct 15, Maria Fernanda Gonzalez rated it really liked it Shelves: Enter different views of several historians. New actors thought not necessarily new classes were clamouring for access to power, notably urban groups and those who saw the future of Brazil as less connected with export-agriculture.

Often narrates events by synthesizing differing interpretations in historiography of key issues: By official decree, Brazil celebrates its th anniversary in In differentiating between long-term and immediate causes for the substitution of a centralised Empire by a federal republic, Fausto does not neglect other factors such a the increasing presence of the Army in politics after the Paraguayan Wardisputes with the Roman Catholic church and the identification of younger army officers and important sections of the urban bourgeoisie with the cause of republicanism.


Perhaps, like the Empire, the Old Republic died of a hardening of the arteries. This book took a very political and economics focused approach to Brazil’s history.

A Concise History of Brazil – Boris Fausto – Google Books

fxusto Lists with This Book. Brazilian territorial unity and national identity were forged throughout the nineteenth century, after the proclamation of in A Concise History of Brazil covers almost years of Brazilian history, from the arrival of the Portuguese in the New World to the political events that defined the transition in recent years from an authoritarian to a democratic political regime.

They cram half a millennium of history into pages, mostly by cutting to the chaseā€”it’s almost all summary of events, and there are very few primary documents. A couple odd notes: Coffee and slavery bris the Empire and bound the elite together. Fausto is at his best when examining processes such as state formation and the operation of political institutions and organisations.

A good narrative of Brazil’s history, rbazil the colonial to the modern periods. Although it can and should be considered an academic book, A Concise History is not a boring reading at all.

Apr 04, Rob rated it really liked it. At a stroke, Brazil became the centre of the Portuguese world.

Jan 24, Conxise Rafael Maciel rated it liked it Shelves: In describing the formative period of the Empire, he stresses internal challenges to statehood and unity, in part to correct over-drawn contrasts with Spanish America. As radical contemporaries remarked, the Republic was declared in the year in which the centenary of the outbreak of the French Revolution was celebrated.


The First Republic A new awareness of environmental fausgo and the deforestation of the Amazon in particular, new controversies surrounding the plight of indigenous peoples and the startling economic g Historical accounts are often considered to be less time sensitive but Boris Fausto’s story of Brazil, while as good an introduction as you could hope for in almost every way, would really benefit from an update.

There is an excessive recourse to colloquialisms and less subtlety in the language – for example, Kubitschek’s Programa de Metas becomes ‘Program of Goals’ rather than the more usual and accurate condise of Targets’.

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A Concise History of Brazil | Reviews in History

In other words, it was a bit dry. Fausto shows how, by the early s, these arrangements were in place. Jan 25, Abe added it. Having moved to Brazil I only had a vague idea of the history of this great place, based on the European view. The expert doncise appreciate efforts to capture issues and controversies in the historiography and to present them in a digestible fashion.

Fausto is less confident when dealing with economic policy and external relations. Were these influences also responsible for characteristics such as a search for adventure, racial tolerance and hkstory Economic interventionism, particularly the promotion of manufacturing, and attempts to maintain social control through co-option gradually became the defining characteristics of the new system.