With Anna Kristín Arngrímsdóttir, Arnar Jónsson, Benedikt Erlingsson, Bergur Þór Ingólfsson. Tv movie frome the first chapters of the Icelandic Brennu-Njáls saga. Brennu-Njals Saga is the longest and most celebrated of the Icelandic Sagas. Though its events are set in the tenth and early eleventh centuries, the Saga. Written in the thirteenth century, Njal’s Saga is a story that explores perennial human problems-from failed marriages to divided loyalties, from the law’s inability .

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After that he brought forward his witnesses of the summons, along with his witnesses that the suit had been handed over to him.

Then they sat them down and talked. njlas

He was rich and sagga to do, and owned the islands called Bear-isles, which lie out in Broadfirth, whence he got meal and stock fish. Arrangements are made for exile. Voraussetzung und Ursprung wahren Lobes 9.

A little after he stood up, and bade his men go with him: Thou shalt pay me twelve ounces in silver. He thought it harm that Glum was dead and gone, but thanked him for killing Thiostolf. Gunnhild noticed this and spoke to sata when they were alone. When he denies having a woman in Iceland, she curses him so that he is unable to consummate his marriage.

The Story of Burnt Njal

They were not long in telling Hauskuld their business, and began to woo; then Hauskuld answered. There was a man whose name was Njal. It may also happen that people will say that my sons are slow to take action, and you must put up with that for a while, for whatever is done has a double-edged effect.


Orm Skogarnef was a base-born brother of Gunnar’s; he does brnenu come into this story.

So Thiostolf came up just then and jumped into eaga skiff and began to load with him, and after a while he said. Hrut to Hoskuld on compensation to Osvif: She was a fair, courteous and gifted woman, and that was thought the best match in all the Rangrivervales. In the course of the fight, his opponents cheat, and Gunnar finds himself in a fresh squabble.

Hrut answered, “That has been long on my mind, though there always seemed to be two sides to the matter; but now I will do as thou wishest; whither shall we turn our eyes? MED II, b s.

He laid the suit in the Quarter Court, into which it would come by law, and gave lawful notice, so that all who stood on the Hill of Laws might hear. Kolskegg snatched up a grapnel and casts it at Karli’s ship, and the fluke fell inside the hold, and went out through one of the planks, and in rushed the coal-blue sea, and all the men sprang on board other ships. Then Hallgerda spoke up for Thiostolf, and they had many words about him. She said, so it should be.

Hallgerda sent a nmals to Gunnar at the Thing to tell him of the slaying. Gunnar sent a man to fetch Njal, and begged him to come out.

Burnt Njal Saga

Hrafn the Red was chased out into a river and there he thought he saw Hell down below and devils trying to drag him down to them. Der Rat der Frau ist wertlos oder unheilvoll Nord. Oswif called out Hauskuld and Hrut, and they both went out and bade him good-day. Hauskuld said – “This beast is no man’s fetch, but Gunnar’s of Lithend, and now methinks I see all about it.


Hallgerda was told of Kol’s slaying, and of the words that Atli had said. Hauskuld tells who he is, and asked what guests might be there in the house. Glum was willing enough to do that.

Proverbs in Brennu-Njáls saga

Svein Hakonsson to Hakon Jarl on his treatment of the Njalssons: She was the fairest of women, and well behaved. So Oswif stood up and said – “This is not an atonement on equal terms when thy brother utters the award, but still thou speaking to Hrut hast behaved so well about it that I trust thee thoroughly to make it” Then he stood up and took Hauskuld’s hand, and came to an atonement in the matter, on the understanding that Hrut was to make up his mind and utter the award before Oswif went away.

Thorkell was the name of the third son of Sigfus; the fourth’s name was Mord; the fifth’s Lambi; the sixth’s Sigmund; the seventh’s Sigurd. To Gunnhild, when she questions his desire to leave for Iceland: See also above, When he was grown to man’s estate, he worked ill to his kinsfolk, but worst of all to Gunnar.