Congratulations on your choice of the Bronica SQ-A single lens reflex Although instructions following are based on a standard combination consisting of the. View and Download BRONICA SQ-A manual online. SQ-A Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Zenza Bronica SQ-A instructions manual online. Zenza Bronica SQ-A Single lens Reflex Camera. SQ-A Film Camera pdf manual download.

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Run it down and turn it over to the take-up spool. It was made inmaking it the newest camera in the SQ line.

Inserting the plug of an external power source into the external power terminal automatically switches power supply to the motor drive system from the internal battery power six AA size batteries to the external power.

The microprism ring surrounding the central spot can also be used for checking the sharpness of the focused image, since the image will glitter when the lens is not focused.


The same operation will close the back cover when the film back is detached from the main body. The batteries supply power for the various electronic control mechanisms and motor drive mechanisms incorporated in the Zenza Bronica SQ-Am.

A lens- or leaf-shutter camera, the SQ-series will synchronize flash at all available shutter speeds. After adjusting the length of the neck strap, pass the leading end of the strap through the buckle, as illustrated, which will fix it securely. All interchangeable lenses for the Zenza Bronica SQ-Am broniva fully automatic lens diaphragms which means that the focusing screen is always viewed at the full aperture, with the brightest possible image.

Bronica SQ A instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

Don’t have an account? On-line camera manual library This is the full text and images from the bronicaa. Zenzanon-S Variogon mm F5. The expo- sure counter will also change from “S” to “1”, while the shutter will also be cocked.

Film Type Indicator Frame 7. The new dark slides are now grey in color.


Attachment and Removal of Film Back The film back is a film chamber that can be attached or detach ed freely, thus permitting free exchange of film types even dur ing shooting sessions. Distance Scale and Depth sqa Field Scale. Maual of External Power. To detach the lens, press the lens release button down and, at the same time, rotate the lens in the clockwise direction until it makes a full stop, at which point it will be possible to detach the lens.

Care of the SQ-A Restrict cleaning of the reflex mirror to blowing or brushing with the blower brush or a soft camel hair brush.

Production of the last Bronica SQ-Ai model including lenses and accessories finished at the end of Septemberwith sales continuing until inventories were depleted [1]. Loading the Battery The electronically controlled shutter will not work without loading the battery.

When shooting is suspended, after mirror lock-up, and the mirror lock-up switch lever is rotated from S or C to N, shutter release and motor operation will take place but the film will not be advanced with the result that the next exposure will be double-exposed. Attachment of the Neck Strap. See Bronica lenses for a list. The film back dark slides are now locked when not attached to the camera. Always use flash cords with a standard PC type plug.

Then, using a pincer or similar tool, lift up the screen with the protrusion at the rear end.

Next, thread the neck strap through the plastic ring cover and the U-shaped ring and pull it out, as illustrated. Therefore, nanual the mode selector switch to OFF, check for the cause of the overload and rectify it.

Therefore, make it rule to withdraw the dark slide promptly upon attaching the film back to the main body. The battery supplies power for the various electronic control mechanisms incorporated in the Zenza Bronica SQ-A. Remote control shutter release operations will be possible by inserting a 2. Single 6-volt silver oxide or alkaline-manganese battery for the electronic shutter system; Six AA-size alkaline-manganese or NiCd batteries for the motor drive system.

The T mode will function on lenses equipped as such. The mirror lock-up switch lever has three settings – N normal – For shooting with out mirror lock-up. Mode changes with mode selector switch on the handgrip, with three settings.


Lens release button is depressed. However, it will be possible to rotate the manual film winder and, therefore, it should be rotated 2 or 3 times more, in order to take up any slack in the loaded film. Continuous shooting or single frame exposures at the rate of 3 frames per 2 seconds ap proximately is possible with the fastest shutter speed.

Depress the film back release button and the lower end of the film back can be removed, as illustrated. Time t Exposure Butkus, 29 Lake Ave.

User Guide for Zenza Bronica Camera, Free Instruction Manual

However, always check operation of the equipment before actual use. The focusing hood will automatically be folded down. There is an apparent zone of sharpness, both in front and back of the focused subject, which is known as the depth of field. The exposure counter will also change from “S” to “1” and the shutter will also be cocked. It has also been developed as a complete modular “system” camera, with a very high degree of interchangeability in lenses, finders, focusing screens, film backs, etc.

When S is set to the index with the bronicz lock-up switch lever, the lever will automatically return to N, with the next film advancing and shutter cocking action. When the shutter release button is depressed, in this condition, the shutter will be released any number of times without advancing the film.

Film Type Indicator Frame Upon loading the film, tear off the end flap from the empty film pack- age This feature is, of course, very convenient for familiarizing bromica with the camera and for testing the shutter in flash photography.

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