Purchase your copy of BS as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards available. Power Flushing for central heating systems Compliance with Building Regulations Part L (BS ). Products. CalFlush Power Flushing Unit. by a new boiler. Many boiler manufacturers now make the warranty dependent on flushing and cleaning in accordance with BS, Benchmark and Part L.

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The importance of flushing – Heating and Ventilating

The vibration combined with the flow of the flushing water helps free more sludge that may have settled and congealed in the radiator. Power flushing ensures flux and other deposits are removed, prior to adding a corrosion inhibitor which is a requirement of Part L of the Building Regulations BS Its there bz7593 take it or leave it? Good news for BG customers Agile 23 Oct Most read stories over the last flushin months.

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Microbiological organisms range from simple bacteria to fungal and yeast spores. Follow the manufacturers instructions for connection of the machine.

Anaerobic bacteria can thrive in both open and sealed systems fouled with corrosion and other debris, beneath deposits where the temperature might be lower and there is an absence of oxygen.

ISBN 0 2. If you are looking to have a powerflush carried out, please dont just take your first quote as gospel, you dont even have to have it carried out by the person changing the boiler, for bd7593 Bunnyman 15 Apr MJN 23 Jan Nowadays all systems use tiny heat exchangers with passes of less than 3mm wide which can easily be blocked.


Yes, my password is: Well the way I see ithow is some one being ripped off if they are told the cost prior to any work taking place?? ICOM publishes new guide for commercial applications. Reducing fuel bills and prolonging the life of central heating systems is easy with the CalFlush Power Flushing unit.

Central heating flushing

If there is any doubt as to whether a system will withstand any cleansing methodology, then replacement or repair of relevant components will be necessary before continuing. The potential for scale formation is greatest in those hard water areas of the United Kingdom where the bicarbonate alkalinity is high. System areas most prone to failure fkushing to fouling by scale or sludge include the boiler heat exchanger and circulator pump.

Compact unit with carry handle-lightweight and easy to transport All hoses and accessories included Chemical cleaners are easily added Saves time on site with no need to remove radiators Easy visual check of water returning to the tank or drain Compliance with Building Regulations Part L BS If it is possible with your flushing arrangement, repeat the flushing process with the flow in the opposite direction.


The system water should be checked at intervals specified by the product manufacturer to ensure adequate ongoing protection. Many products are designed to be added to the circulating water some time prior to flushing, and aid the mobilisation of contaminants prior to flushing. Thus by removing a radiator and then connecting to either the flow or the return tail and capping or shutting off the other tail!

To do this, first isolate the rad with the valves either side, and then drain into a suitable tray by partially undoing one bw7593 the rad valve unions to the radiator. A good quality corrosion inhibitor suitable for the system bs759 be used.

If you slap a new boiler onto an old system potentially these contaminants can end up returning to the boiler and blocking the heat exchanger.

Mains pressure flushing may require temporary alterations to the system to make appropriate connections to the system. Personal tools Log in. Share This Page Tweet.

Chemical inhibitors should be added at the time of final fill with fresh water. You can also buy rubber faced accessories that fit into a SDS drill.