You must only fill in this form when you cannot give us all the information we need in form CA Part 1. Form CA Part 1 will tell you when you need to fill. Direct. want a letter in Welsh confirming your NINO please phone and ask for form CAW. What to do next If after considering all of the. Fill Ca Form, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!.

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I have been paying tax on this nin for 10 years and dont know what to do as my parents past away and i have no idea weather my nin is right or wrong, i am really worried what should i do. Related content Collection National Insurance forms.

Can I obtain my NI number by phone? If not you probably do not have one.

Get your National Insurance number

Before attending this interview you will need to gather your identity documents. It is such a blessing that international students can often work part-time in the UK!

I believe it is still valid. King Arthur Forum: February 9, at 2: Ajsc Follow 0 followers 4 badges Send a private message to Ajsc. I left UK in and have been living abroad ever since. May 19, at 3: I never had a NI number issued. I have looked over the page and it looks like I will need at least one of these: Neither email or telephone! October 5, at 4: Also if an interview is required, does it have to be in person or can it be done over the phone?


Usually you get an Ancestry visa before you get citizenship if you are going the grandparent route…. Once you have one you fodm it for life.

I tried to change my address details online and they said the NI number does not link to my name.

I was married to a british citizen. Who should I call to revieve it? April 6, at 4: Original post by Ajsc Hey there, I’ve got a job interview for TFL tomorrow and they’ve asked me to bring evidence of my National Insurance and it’s going to be my first job so I don’t have any evidence apart from the actual National Insurance letter which I have lost English exams and study help Replies: Hi Ember, Good question.

May 13, at Hi Ness, Not sure what help you need… should not be a problem from what you have said. I am returning back to England next month to live with my parents again and to start working right away!

March 1, at It seems I cannot do one thing without the other form of ID. Also I only moved houses once which was 5 years ago. I would use skype for the calls much cheaper or try to do one of the other methods if possible!

Hi Sofia, How frustrating … I am afraid it is normal.


May 26, at Skip to main content. Could you tell me the longest possible time it will take to come as this is ac5403 second week and I need it to apply for a driving licence thank you. If you have been living in the UK all you life you should have automatically been sent one. See above — 3 Ways to Retrieve an existing NI Number — I suggest calling the number and I am sorry in advance for the wait but just relax with a good insert word for something that lasts a while and hopefully you will have it sorted in no time.

Lost National Insurance Number need it ASAP – The Student Room

Part 1 will tell you if you need to print, then fill in part 2. In the Chancellor forn that they would not be replacing cards any longer. August 22, at 7: February 8, at Dear Quinn thank yoy very much for your answer. July 15, at 1: January 26, at 2: Personally I would use the UK phone number as well for simplicity and the fact that they probably wont call, they just want to send it to the right person. Request an accessible format. I started to work straight away.