Assurance. Assurance Introduction and Assurance Program · Assurance Details: How can I get CAcert Assurance Points (APs)?. TTP – Trusted Third Party; WoT/CAP – Web of Trust and CAcert Assurance Program; Getting Points at Big Events; Becoming an Assurer; Getting. All you need to know about CAcert Assurance Points FAQ/ CAcert community is here you need a RSS newsfeed of CAcert wiki updates.

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The CCA places a limit on monetary liability to you of 1. Let the applicant sign the CAP form.

A co-audit or a co-audited assurance is an assurance that assurahce the Assurer conduct over the co-auditor, see above. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. You should have at least five minutes to check the documents and let the applicant sign the form!

AssuranceHandbook2 – CAcert Wiki

They are fully assurancs with all certificates issued by CAcert previously. Initials are deprecated, but are currently tolerated, so if the said person would use the name “Bernhard A. It is entirely up to her judgment as to how many points.

CAcert separates assurance confirmation of identity from the issuing of the certificates. Mutual assurance has these advantages: Hold your thumb over the sensitive numbers, or ask the Member to hide the numbers.

The last sentence of the previous paragraph makes it seem that both e-mail address and name are optional for a client certificate, when in fact at least one should be there, otherwise what is the certificate certifying?

  ISO 4301-1 PDF

I attended assurande first key signing event at LISA’ However transliteration of a Name makes the Name less discriminative. So therefor CAcert has decided by a board motion back in that this action is not in compliance with the EU DPA and therefor dropped it entirely.

The Arbitration Act provides us with a way to deal with any disputes internally, rather than going to courts, which likely are in far away countries, involve expensive lawyers, and have little knowledge of the process of certificates. Otherwise it must be done at no charge.

So for the moment, the result is lost. To participate in the assurance process, you need to review and agree to the CCA.

CAcert’s Assurance is deliberately designed to create a paper foundation on which digital certificates are issued; by maintaining a base of paper, the digital framework is strongly constructed with a classical legal foundation.

Do not scan the CAP form and keep it electronically. Class 3 is a high-security subset of Class 1.

– Wikipedia

CAcert is a “non-profit” community of volunteers. See What can CAcert provide to you, to increase your privacy and security for free? Some of these might apply, and have been discussed from time to time: CAcert does not have a formal or agreed mission or goal. These certificates may be considered weak given the fact that CAcert does not emit any information in the certificates other than cacerr domain name or email address the CommonName field in X.

What hobbies he has.

Welcome to the CAcert Wiki – FREE digital certificates for everyone

Always document missing names on the CAP. It has members living in many different countries and a board of 7 members. Some technical aspects What are asskrance and private keys?


Mutual Assurances are highly recommended. As well, there will be expensive lawyers, and you may be hit with a harsh judgment that does not fully appreciate what certificates are about and what we as a Community are about.

Make yourself known as a CAcert assurer Probably the best way to do this is to enter a asssurance into your profile and allow your entry to be shown in the users list. The private key is kept secret and protected. So we all depend on you! Assurance

After the meeting If you did notice anything unusual, make some notes on the backside of the CAP form. As a user, the person finds difficulties and experiences that the more technically-oriented people are blind to. Indeed, just about anything may be disputed, and the policy caxert often defer difficult issues by simply saying file a dispute.

Please please be patience up to everything is processed. Some easy ways to keep you informed about important changes in the policies are Subscribe to cacert lists.

I have attended several of their meetings. And it’s easy to install CAcert’s root certificates manually. Though some thought has been given to other regions, it might be not suited well to special situations.

If you find such contradictions please make them known to CAcert’s policy mailing list at [ cacert-policy lists.