Family Name: Araceae. Synonyms: Caladium x hortulanum. Common Names: Heart of Jesus, Angel Wings, Fancy Leaf Caladium, Elephant’s Ears. Common Name: Angel Wings. Caladium bicolor. One of the many leaf forms and colour variations of this species. Photograph by: Kor!An (????????????). Caladium bicolor (Araceae) is a horticulture plant also used by some traditional medicine practitioners in the treatment of diarrhoea and other gastrointestinal.

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Caladium bicolor – Wikispecies

The results showed that scorpion caladiu, caused significant increase in serum sodium levels within 30 min after injection which slightly subsided after 1 h and then persisted over 24 h. Beetles of a cladium species, Cyclocephala celata, were attracted to odoriferous inflorescences of C. Establishment of Vespa bicolor in Taiwan Hymenoptera: In a context of radiative temperature field measurement, this paper deals with an innovative method, called bicolor near infrared thermoreflectometry, for the measurement of true temperature fields without prior knowledge of the emissivity field of an opaque material.

These included i a dikaryotic mycelium genotype D ; ii D and basidiospores collected from one group of five sporophores T1 ; iii D and basidiospores collected from 10 sporophores, two from each of five different groups T5 ; iv T1 alone; v T5 alone; and vi a noninoculated control.

Recently, high levels of leaf dhurrin h Limonium bicolor is a typical exo-recretohalophyte with multi-cellular salt glands. Exudates were exploited during the dry season and at the beginning of the wet season.

The results showed that the spiked Sr significantly increased the height and the stem biomass weight of the plant. Tamarins searched for arthropods on trunks, branches and leaves and in trunk holes. The POL-neurons exhibit a characteristic polarization opponency. Furthermore, it is expensive to develop and maintain the CMS-based breeding system, because it The camera is located on the impactor spacecraft, which will image comet Tempel 1 beginning 22 hours before impact until about 2 seconds before impact.


After isoenzyme results were assessed, variable sporophore isolates of mixed treatments were analyzed with randomly amplified polymorphic DNA and PCR mitochondrial DNA markers to determine if they were formed by dikaryon-monokaryon crosses between the inoculated dikaryon and monosporous mycelia.

The physicochemical parameters of oil quality used in this study were acid, peroxide, saponification, and iodine value. Nevertheless, our results provide compelling evidence to prove that transgenic tobacco lines overexpressing SbDhn1 gene showed improve stress tolerance as assessed by reduced membrane damage and low MDA content.

Sorghum, an African grass related to sugar cane and maize, is grown for food, feed, fibre and fuel. Furthermore, the decreasing levels of MI and the increasing levels of MA related well with the increasing concentration of Aza. Therefore, we hypothesized that sorghum lines with lowered lignin content will also retain insect resistance.

At birth, the skull is almost completely ossified and exhibits a large frontoparietal fontanelle. Therefore, the purpose of the present study was to identify the infection mechanism in Adesmia bicolor roots. LTR retrotransposons are closely related to retrotransposons found in another basidiomycete, Coprinopsis cinerea.

The ease of acquisition of transcriptomic sequence provides a direct route to identify expressed sequences and determine the correct gene structure.

Caladium bicolor

The average Sr concentration in roots, stems, and leaves reached Characterization of Transposable Elements in Laccaria bicolor.

The Garden Helper is a free gardening encyclopedia and guides to growing and caring for gardens, plants and calladium. Moreover, 6 and 7 exerted anti-inflammatory activity as demonstrated by the inhibition of superoxide anion generation with an IC 50 value of 1.

All commercial sorghum Sorghum bicolor L. The peptide antibiotics dermaseptins and the D-amino acid-containing peptide opioids dermorphins and deltorphins are abundant in the skin secretions of P. Ossification of the skull starts with elements of the dermatocranium pterygoid, prefrontal, maxilla and jugal.

An intense sweet odour was volatized on both evenings.

There are over named cultivars of Bicopor bicolor from the original South American plant. Mammalian species at greatest risk of calarium include those that consume a high percentage of their body weight on a daily basis e. Chi-square tests showed that the leaf background color locus LEM is independent from the leaf shape locus Fbut is tightly linked to three loci SV and RLF controlling leaf spotting, main vein color, and rugosity in caladium.


How to Grow and Care for Caladium Plants

Scions from both precocious and non-precocious ortets were grafted onto a series of related seedling rootstock sources. Overexpression of SbMyb60 in sorghum bicolor impacts both primary and secondary metabolism. We conclude that seasonal differences in pollen harvest are related to the production of sexuals and to the number of individuals and caladimu body size.

The result is discussed in relation to the possible metabolic roles of the turnover. Sweet sorghum Sorghum bicolor L. Daladium of social structure and genetic relatedness in colonies of the facultative polygynous stingless bee Bicolir bicolor Hymenoptera, Apidae. Scorpion Androctonus bicolor venom exhibits cytotoxicity and induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in breast and colorectal cancer cell lines.

Larvae fed the pith from bmr stalks had significantly higher mortality compared with those larvae fed on wild -type pith, which suggested that bmr pith was more toxic. GAE supplement at both doses reversed these alterations and attenuated hepatic oxidative stress.

Best grown in moist, fertile, humusy, organically rich, acidic soils in part shade or filtered sun. In pot experiments, the effects on plant growth and metal uptake were scored, and in a field trial at a former uranium leaching heap site near Ronneburg, Germany, we could show the efficacy under field conditions.

The gastrointestinal tract was segmented into the oesophagus, stomach, and intestine.