Cape Gelidonya formerly Kilidonia or Killidonia is a cape or headland on the Teke Peninsula in the chain of Taurus. The Cape Gelidonya Wreck: Preliminary Report*. GEORGE F. BASS. PLATES 83 Just off Cape Gelidonya, in southwest Turkey, is a row of five tiny islands. FOR PROMOTING USEFUL KNOWLEDGE. NEW SERIES-VOLUME 57, PART 8. CAPE GELIDONYA: A BRONZE AGE SHIPWRECK. GEORGE F. BASS.

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Cape Gelidonya

In additon, the baskets containing the Bronze tools were made using Near Eastern plants. These are just under 2 ft. He would return in under the flag of the Explorers’ Clubwith filmmaker Stan Waterman shupwreck others. Remember, as a professional archaeologist: Several shipwerck broken tools were discovered, including axes, adzes, picks, hoes, shovels, etc. You must be directly involved with excavations 2. For questions on access or troubleshooting, please check our FAQsand if you can”t find the answer there, please contact us.

Around bca vessel of unknown size seems to have ripped open its bottom on a pinnacle of rock on the northeast side of the third island from land. The wreck late 90ft below the surface of the Mediterranean. Unless you leave a portion of the site unexcavated, the material you dig up can never be looked at again in its original context. Unfortunately for their investors, Odyssey Marine – a publicly-traded company – has been posting a loss for the last three years.

Throckmorton came to know Captain Kemal of the Mandlincia sponge fishing sshipwreck. Treasure hunting companies shipwteck use extremely distructive methods to recover gold from wrecks which oftn destroy the very fragile remains of the ship’s structure. Or, Dictionary of Geographical Knowledge.


Therefore, when you excavate a site, you must record as much information as possible while you are doing it, becausde if you don’t, that information will be lost forever. They returned in and completed the first archaeological excavation of an underwater gelidonay in its entirety.

All signs point to a Syrian origin for the ship.

Opposite to the promontory of Taurus [Cape Gelidonya] are the Chelionae, as many in number, and extremely dangerous to mariners. The Bronze Age ship at Cape Gelidonya probably hit a barely-submerged rock pinnacle near the island, then drifted to the north and west before finally sinking. Very little can be learned archaeologically from a pile of gold coins, but the other artifacts, the distribution of the cargo, and the remains of the ship itself can tell us a great deal about the lives of past seafarers.

This page was last edited on 1 Septemberat Divers used both surface-supplied air as well as scuba tanks.

Shipwdeck urged him to preserve the site and convinced the Captain to draw a map, allegedly on the back of a napkin. Views Read Edit View history. Sign in via your Institution. Archaeologists recognized the plethora of archaeological material underwater, shipwrefk coastlines, in lakes and in rivers.

At this time, the young archaeologist George Bass was working on his PhD at the University and was sent to oversee the archaeological excavation of the site.

Cape Gelidonya Shipwreck – Oxford Handbooks

This pegging replaces the lashing seen on the Khufu ship. Throckmorton convinced the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology to sponsor an excavation of the site.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By scaling the tenon found in comparison to the Uluburun tenons, one comes up with a figure of about 40ft. Currents were very strong, increasing the risk of kinking the air hose – which was simply a garden hose adapted for the purpose. Please subscribe or login to access full text content. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The eccentric gwlidonya Peter Throckmortonout of New York, arrived there in the mids after a controversial gelodonya where he was profiling the Algerian War from the point of view of the Algerian rebels fighting against French troops, which would later lead to caape alleged altercation between himself and another team member, Claude Duthuit, who was fighting with the French.


Later, in the 20th century the field of archaeology underwent many radical changes as researchers developed, discussed, and argued over various paradigms. Finally, on the last day, they located the site on one of the small islands off the Cape.

Odyssey Marine claims that they value and follow rigorous archaeological standards in their excavations. Sshipwreck cape is the site of a late Bronze Age shipwreck c. Some important considerations to remember regarding this excavation: One one hand, early 20th-century underwater excavations at Artemision and Antikythera shipwfeck Greece produced wonderfully preserved examples of original Greek Bronzes, or the Mahdia wreck of Tunisia loaded with marble columns, and were considered landmark projects in the fields of Art History.